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  1. Hey, can trade for Sentinel Cabrio and put some money (10-12K) on top.
  2. Declasse Voodoo Custom 1967 Price: $35000 or best offer! Contact me with your offers either via attached e-mail or via my phone - 1069616 Original suspension. Heavily modified transmission, brakes and engine. Turbo installed. Registered and insured. Very low mileage; 113 miles. Renewed lock and a low-budget alarm installed. Hydraulics installed. Custom interior.
  3. Username: incelelliotrodgers87 Comment: Damn now I see it all holy fuck it all makes sense Elizabeth II. must be also connected with Sidwell
  4. Selling my Sultan Classic with a full performance package. — Anti-Theft Level 4 — Alarm Level 4 — Lock Level 3 It also comes with minimal exterior modifications. Asking Price: $140,000 OBO. E-Mail (( Forum PM )) if interested.
  5. Snoring and feeling exhausted when you wake up? Be aware of sleep apnea BY SCOTT POWELL Perhaps everyone knows that person. You're trying to fall asleep, but it's impossible due to the nasty and annoying snoring sound. But if you are the person, you can get embarrassed very easily as you become the laughing-stock, but the sound is the least of this embarrassing problem. Such person can suffer from several problems including irritability, inattention, headaches and fatigue in general. Snoring itself is caused by releasing the soft palate, which then begins to vibrate, but the whole problem is way more complex. Sleeping apnea is quite a serious sleep disorder in which a patient basically stops breathing. That increases the pressure in the airways followed by the so-called micro-awakening, the breath is subsequently restored. Thus, the disease not only impairs the oxygen input, but also the quality of sleep and the health of the patient overall. The diagnosis of sleeping apnea is pretty interesting. There are sleep centers and even sleep laboratories dealing with the diagnosis of this energy-consuming disorder. The patient will be hospitalized in the sleeping lab where the physicians will look after his respiration and many more bodily functions as he sleeps there through the night. Monitoring can also take place right at your home through a device the patient would get from the physicians dealing with his diagnosis process. The biggest risk factors regarding sleeping apnea can be multiple; obese people are four times more likely to develop this disease as their fat deposits in the upper respiratory tract can contribute to the development of the disease. People with larger neck circumference have a higher risk either. Alcohol, drugs, sedatives, opiates and smoking also increases the risk of suffering from sleeping apnea as it can either cause inflammatory processes in the throat and water retention in the upper respiratory tract or relieve the throat muscles. There are also a couple of factors you can't really fight with; higher age, genetic predisposition, stroke and heart diseases in general. Do you suffer from this problem and want to know more? For a more academic explanation, I invited an expert and also the director of Hope Health Group, Dr. Shalimar F. Joy, MD. How does the process of diagnosing sleep apnea look like? The diagnostic standard for obstructive sleep apnea is nocturnal polysomnography in a sleep laboratory. Polysomnography is a test done while the patient is asleep. The doctor attaches monitoring devices to the patient's scalp, face, chest, abdomen, and legs. The patient goes to sleep naturally and the doctor monitors and records data about his sleep patterns. This data will help him chart the sleep cycles and diagnose any sleep disorders, including Sleep Apnea. The collected data consists of brain waves, skeletal muscle activity, blood oxygen levels, heart rate, breathing rate, and eye movements. A sleep study registers your body’s shifts between the stages of sleep, which are rapid eye movement (REM) sleep, and non-rapid eye movement (non-REM) sleep. During REM sleep, your brain activity is high, but only your eyes and breathing muscles are active. This is the stage in which you dream. Non-REM sleep involves slower brain activity. A person without a sleep disorder will switch between non-REM and REM sleep, experiencing multiple sleep cycles per night. Observing your sleep cycles, along with your body’s reactions to the changes in these cycles, can help identify disruptions in your sleep patterns. How do you treat/cure this disorder? The treatment depends on the severity of the condition, the primary source of the condition, and the patient's situation. For milder cases, the doctor may recommend only lifestyle changes, such as losing weight or quitting smoking. If the cause is nasal allergies, a treatment with antihistamines will be recommended. If these measures didn't improve the signs and symptoms, or if the condition is severe, there are several treatments available. - The most common treatment is a device called CPAP - Continuous positive airway pressure. The device delivers air pressure through a mask while you're asleep and opens up the blocked airways. - Treatment for associated medical problems - Possible causes of central sleep apnea include heart or neuromuscular disorders, and treating those conditions might help. - Supplemental oxygen - Using supplemental oxygen while you sleep might help if you have central sleep apnea. Various forms of oxygen are available with devices to deliver oxygen to your lungs. Surgery is usually only an option after other treatments have failed. Generally, at least a three-month trial of other treatment options is suggested before considering surgery. However, for a small number of people with certain jaw structure problems, it's a good first option, since they are unable to properly utilize the CPAP devices. > Comments are enabled Username: Comment:
  6. > Comments are enabled Username: Comment:
  7. Reviews: Vespucci Sports BY SCOTT POWELL Los Santos, SA - In today's hectic times, perhaps all of us are having hard times to find some time for ourselves, and if we do, we seldom have the strength to go to a gym. At the same time, doctors are warning us from all sides that lack of exercise is one of the aspects leading to heart disease, obesity, diabetes, depression and other problems that threaten our health. We don't need to spend hours in the gym every day or run twenty miles, and if we at least initially entrust ourselves into the hands of the experts, it won't hurt us that much. There are many possibilities to maintain or improve our form and condition in some comfortable place, except our homes, but that is not as satisfying and helpful as gyms are. One of a few possibilities, but definitely the best one is to visit a gym. The occupants of Vespucci and its surroundings have the best opportunity to work on their form as there is one of the greatest gyms renowned for its qualities and a huge selection of possibilities to reinforce your training. Welcome to Vespucci Sports! With the huge development, especially in the field of exercises, there are many terms that won't ring many bells for beginners. These include the names of exercises such as Hiit, Bosu, Piloxing and many more. How to actually choose one? And which programs are the most sought-after now? That's a topic you don't have to worry about, Vespucci Sports has to offer many personal trainers that will help you with the right exercise for you along with the supplements and guidance on how to properly use them. There is also a pool to improve your swimming skills, a ring where you can spar with your friends or with professionals. There are many fitness machines along with a bench-press, treadmills and many, many more. The staff is very polite and kind, they are willing to help you with all of your needs and also to have a talk if they are free at the moment. "While the establishment took a major hit last month, with a new management and the recent renovations, we're back better than ever, and aim to continue serving the community with best in-class fitness and facilities. We're also grooming fighters for the bigger stage & directly in touch with Bellicose MMA who hold events at the largest scale, so if you see a career for yourself into MMA, get in touch now!" says Noelle Wolf, staff of Vespucci Sports. The prices are more than affordable, and you can also get a membership just for 2,500 dollars a month! Not to mention, state authorities have free membership. With that said, Vespucci Sports is definitely one of the best choices among the Los Santos. Rating: 10/10
  8. Charity night; Leader of Culinary Workers Labor Raymond Violi: "Maybe one day we will have a cure for cancer. It's an awful thing." BY SCOTT POWELL Los Santos, SA — The charity gala took action on the Del Perro yacht this time. Many people from many kinds of social classes came to either donate or just contribute to the soiree as the bar was free and open for everyone. Even though no dress code was set, many people came in posh, business-like suits to show off. The gala was organized by the body of the City Government, disguised as a pretty lady presenting the director post of Cultural Affairs, Ms. Tabitha Grace, which LSNN took a place to interview. "This gala benefits a motif started on Cancer Awareness Day by Pillbox Hill Medical Center and the Department of Health and Human Services." Ms. Grace says with a soothing smile on her face. "Ms. Janice Cummings, a Curator of Culture among our ranks, was personally touched by the event hosted on Cancer Awareness Day at the Rockford City Hall. She decided to pursue the cause further and organize this charity gala. The plans will be to use the funds according to the plan mapped out on Cancer Awareness Day. All the money will benefit projects, causes and goals to raise awareness about cancer and contribute towards cancer research." Raymond Violi is working as a labor leader for the Culinary Workers. He had a very terrifying experience with cancer himself, which he shared to the audience. He was also a very big donator himself! After everyone was transferred to the yacht from the La Puerta docks, people could see the pretty paronama of the easeful Pacific Ocean and the waves breaking on the nearby shore. As the time passed by, everyone could sightsee the pretty interior and exterior, which the yacht could offer. After an hour of meeting all the kind people on the yacht, Ms. Cummings and Mr. Violi had a very spectacular speech. "The City of Los Santos and the Department of Cultural Affairs is happy to welcome you all here for this beautiful night of charity! As you all know, we are here tonight to raise funds for cancer awareness and research. One way or another, all of our lives are effected by this monster of a disease. Some of us have lived through it. Others have lost friends and loved ones. Let us be sure that as we remember those we lost, we look forward to a future in hope that this evil disease is eradicated from the face of the earth." Ms. Cummings said and handed the microphone over to Mr. Violi. "My father died of cancer – lung cancer – back in the nineties. Back over in a little place in a big city. Bensonhurst, New York. There's nothing worse than an outside force, something you can't predict, coming into your life and changing it forever. I know that, perhaps more than anyone, as a labor leader." He stops before thinking of an appropriate anecdote. "I saw on the news today, some guy implanted a chip in the brain of a monkey and made it play videogames. Maybe one day we will have a cure for this thing, this awful thing. I'm astounded by the advancements we're making. Who's to say that one day, maybe one day soon, we can't implant a chip to cure cancer? Maybe all diseases? Either way, I encourage all of you to ensure you're covered. Get, and keep, a health insurance." Raymond Violi With that said, we all owe a big gratitude to the government for doing their job precisely. This charity gala was a great opportunity to pay proper attention to the cancer problematics. > Comments are enabled Username: Comment:
  9. Not only humans suffer from mental disorders BY SCOTT POWELL Los Santos, SA - Mental disorders are the biggest plague of the modern age. The number of people suffering from mental disorders is still increasing. According to the World Health Organization, depression affects about 300 million people. If so many people have unbelievably hard times dealing with this cutthroat, how hard can it be for the animals? Mental illness is not just the domain of the human realm, some animals can also suffer from psychiatric symptoms. Fortunately, there's even a new field dealing with this immense problem — animal psychiatry. Psychiatric problems have been observed across a wide range of animals. In horses, dogs, birds or even in marine mammals. The most common psychiatric problems regarding the animal realm are anxiety, depression and OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder, in which the patient is afflicted with unwanted intrusive thoughts, to which he responds with compulsive action). New studies document chimpanzees, killer whales or elephants suffering from symptoms of PTSD, which is the consequence of former abuse. Some primates, dogs or elephants suffer from depression as a result of the loss of the owner. Military dogs have been known to suffer from PTSD just as human soldiers do. A huge amount of military dogs have returned from the war zones exhibiting the same torturous behavior which includes the signs of PTSD. Fortunately, more and more animal psychiatrists are successfully trying to develop effective therapies to help dogs in their emotional recovery. "There's still some debate among veterinarians about whether military dogs actually suffer from "PTSD" or simple anxiety-based behavioral disorders exhibited typically in neglected or traumatised dogs. Personally, I have no view either way, but I'm aware that in 2015 or 16, the US Marine Corps declared that one of its sniffer dogs that worked in Afghanistan had "PTSD like" symptoms and discharged it. So, obviously, the US military takes it very seriously. And maybe it's really just semantics anyway because the symptoms are so close." - veterinary expert and also the owner of Animal Ark Veterinary Clinic, Ms. Greyfeather, says. Birds can also suffer from this torturous plague with their own forms of depression and anxiety. The signs they exhibit include over-preening, feather plucking or aggressive behaviors. Bird owners should always do their best to limit their lovely pet's stress by providing a balanced diet, clean water, a clean environment and plenty of attention. "We have quite a few birds come into our clinic exhibiting the typical symptoms of anxiety and depression. The thing many people don't realize is that birds are really very intelligent and require a lot of stimulations. They're also heavy bonders. Typical signs of depression and anxiety include feather plucking, aggressive behaviors, and, in severe examples, self-mutilation." - veterinary expert, Ms. Greyfeather, remarks. House cats can have OCD too. Excessive grooming, pacing, and meowing are the most usual indicators of their unhealthy behavior. This behavior means that your cat is either bored, anxious or even in pain. A cat that is not given enough attention is mostly the one that will suffer, so keep that in mind. The cat scratcher, cat toilet and a bowl are all essential for its mental health. "This type of behavior looks a lot like human OCD because it's really repetitive, right? There's also some research that excessive grooming in cats also releases pain-relieving chemicals in their brains, so (just as I mentioned with birds) eliminating the existence of underlying physical problems is the first step. Then we look at environmental factors and look to change what needs to be changed in their home lives." veterinary expert interjects. And how to deal with your beloved pet's mental illness? That's a topic I invited already mentioned veterinary expert, Ms. Greyfeather, to cover. How do you treat military dogs suffering from the heartbreaking behavior regarding PTSD? "I've never treated a military dog because veterinary treatment of US government animals is something that is contracted to larger veterinary hospitals. But, I understand that the treatment is similar to what behaviorists recommended for any dog suffering trauma, which includes medication (in the worst cases), as well as desensitization possibly combined with counter-conditioning. So, as an example, a dog that shows signs of aggression and excessive anti-social behavior (clinging, panting, tail tucking, etc) can be placed in a safe environment and have other people or dogs introduced gradually, as well as receiving reward stimulus for good behavior in those situations." How do you deal with our lovely birds that exhibit signs of mental disorders? "We deal with birds in almost two-step processes; first, we address the immediate physical problems. If there's self-mutilation, we have to address any wounds as well as consider a course of antibiotics if there's primary or even secondary infections. As for feather plucking, in addition to being a possible sign of a mental problem, it can also be a way that the bird soothes itself against underlying bacterial and even parasitic conditions — so we have to rule those out first. Once we've ruled out or dealt with physical reasons, we need to look at the bird's home-life. Is she just bored? Is the resting environment not suitable, for instance, a cage that's too small or poorly located — with not enough stimulation, or right near a window where there's far too much of it? Is there a new pet? Did somebody important pass away or move out of the home? All of these can be met with behavioral conditioning techniques or little changes to home life. Even establishing a simple routine can do wonders." How do you deal with house cats that exhibit signs of unhealthy behavior? "Cats are naturally fastidious about their toileting and hygiene, so just like dogs or birds, when there's an underlying problem of anxiety, boredom, or a medical presentation, they'll revert sometimes to what makes them feel safe and comfortable. This type of behavior looks a lot like human OCD because it's really repetitive, right? There's also some research that excessive grooming in cats also releases pain-relieving chemicals in their brains, so (just as I mentioned with birds) eliminating the existence of underlying physical problems is the first step. Then we look at environmental factors and look to change what needs to be changed in their home lives." Have you ever dealt with any wild animals? If so, could you tell us the story? ,,We deal occasionally with wild animals in the practise, and now that San Andreas has implemented hunting licenses, we anticipate many more. A lot of these will be orphans. Most of our wild animal rescues so far have been road strikes, so deer or the occasional coyote that gets hit by a car. I think though that the nicest story we had was a livestock call-out to one of the ranches just past Grapeseed. The rancher mentioned something vague about cougars and a cow. When we arrived we found one of his pregnant cows was in a physical standoff with a mother cougar over two cubs she'd given birth to in one of his barns. We think it was the cougar's first litter, and the cow herself was almost at full gestation. We later found out from the rancher that the cow had once given birth to a calf, but it later died. Apparently she never forgot this and was going to make sure she'd keep a baby alive this time...one way or another. When we tried to intervene, we had the fury of two mothers decending on us. That's not a fun place to be!" > Comments are enabled Username: Comment:
  10. Reviews: Keystone Music; a new music store that unites BY SCOTT POWELL Los Santos, SA - A quiet and peaceful suburb called Spanish Avenue has a new music store with two very charismatic owners, looking to serve the city's rich music community. They couldn't be any more thrilled to bring their long-lasting vision to life. The store owners may be a very fundamental part of the scene anytime soon. Keystone Music Keystone Music already has a great range of goods from guitars, pianos to mixing consoles. From iconic vinyls to underground mix-tapes. There's also many services they can offer. Rent a studio and have a great time with talented and open-minded professionals. A studio that has been used by many local musicians and is renowned for it's qualities. The main concept the store is presenting is to create a place where an exchange of ideas, knowledge and opinions can happen. The key component Keystone Music will soon offer is the possible promotional support including carrying local musicians' merchandise, playing local music through the store sound system or even helping with booking if needed. “Keystone Music can be whatever the Los Santos music community needs it to be." One of the owners, Payton Coleman, said. "It might feel like any other musical retail shop on the surface, but on the bottom it can be a music industry resource. Our store can be a million things." “We want local bands’ music to play in the store,” the second owner, Carter Williams, said. “We want local bands’ merchandise to sell. We are very proud to enrich our community.” Rating: 10/10 > Comments are enabled Username: Comment:
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