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  1. Will take GTT. Phone or DM when available #46664
  2. AestethicAnt


    Very much so. Contact through DMs for details.
  3. AestethicAnt


    21st Floor, Room One.One of each.
  4. Selling a renovated apartment located in Textile City. Spacious living room combined with kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. Installed air conditioning and heated floor, all utilities hooked up. Nearby grocery store, coffee shop, gym and clothing stores. Contact through email (Forum PW) if you want any more details about the place or if you want to visit it. Buyout price: $300,000 Starting bid: $250,000 PICTURES OF THE INTERIOR ((OOC INFO))
  5. Full name: Jackson Hayes Comment (optional): Nice usage of useless at the moment space.
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