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  1. This more my speed. Keep it going.
  2. Issue resolved. For anybody wondering how it was fixed make sure your computer is updated to the latest software. I install every update on my Windows and it ran perfectly. This can be L&A'd.
  3. I bought GTA 5 on steam and downloaded rage MP. Every time I open up rage MP and try to connect to the server it puts me in regular story mode/online. Steam is not open either. How do I fix this?Yes I disabled the firewall already.
  4. woptalk


    I was a rapper on LS-RP. Recently found out that folks found a way to RP on GTA 5 similar to it and had to see what the hype was about. Dodge City Piru, Money Made Mafia, Eastgate & Palm Tree Piru was the factions I was affiliated with.
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