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  1. No one said general online culture, I personally refereed to 4chan jokes and not to mention the amount of models who somehow know about the inner workings of their pc they put together and spend their time talking about their totally not OOC league rank.
  2. While I agree, just looking at a name doesn't exactly tell the whole story, some people like me rp second generation immigrants who barely speak said language.
  3. To add onto this, if you're a 10/10 model who clubs every night of the week and owns a successful business, to rp also knowing a lot about video games and PC's is trash rp and you need to stop self inserting.
  4. Stop making Japanese women, we get it you like anime a lot.
  5. Hot take: If you spend your time making FB pictures of your character in panties or bikinis showing off their fat ass, you should go touch grass bro.
  6. Ban ERP and limit lesbian characters, ban any English immigrants from joining LEO agencies.
  7. I actually really like this idea and I think the notion that criminal rps and legal rpers should have a balance is absurd, that just encourages dumb criminal rp like killing people in broad daylight. Things like this would encourage smart and fun illegal rp.
  8. If the only reason that people have shit mechanic rp and let people buy stuff through a menu is the fact that they don't have enough mechanics who work there is not an excuse, hire more people and rp it realistically. Have you ever heard of a mechanic shop in a major city only have one guy working there at any one time with a line of 9+ cars? No because that's absurd. Encourage some rp around the garage, hire people.
  9. "Speaks with a British accent" aka "I promise this isn't a self insert"
  10. Username: BoBo Comment: This shit is just unruly, you gotta go buddy. Imma get you outta here if it's the last thing I do, we gonna get you gone bro. I'm gonna find your address, I'm gonna find where your parents live and I'm gonna tell your mom about this shit. Everything about this is wrong bro, you are not okay. You're going to a bad place, you're going to hell bro, your damnation will be eternal. Homie you sick, you a bad person bro and you need to be locked up with those folks.
  11. Except those kind of people are 1 in a million
  12. I cannot stress enough how much security training is based off of de-escalation. There are certain security companies that will flat out refuse to hire people who have have a physical altercation at a security job. But on this server everyone treats security like 1980's bouncers who just beat people for looking at them funny.
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