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  1. so this is what you get when you introduce europeans to youtube and instagram huh
  2. the vocabulary word you're looking for is emote. and ten-dollar words don't make good ones. i see a lot of players swapping out actual simple words with thesaurus-picked complex ones in order to look smarter or more “writer-y.” good prose can’t come from a thesaurus because if you don’t know the word already, you’re not going to use it effectively and understand how it strikes the reader. if someone is using long emotes with archaiac english, they're almost always shit. a good role-player makes their descriptions active and keeps their speeches short. anything longer than one sentence should be broken up with an emote somewhere in the middle.
  3. backwoods and hennessy
  4. niggas like to talk crazy on the net till we pop out w them sticks and we fill them up w lead
  5. bentayga dust you cyant race wid us oh my lard dont get him faded
  6. ugh i spilled lean on my burberry
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