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  1. ((One admin can close the topic please for now? Thanks))
  2. Very luxurious Three floors house on Vespucci Beach at 2201 Bay City Avenue. -> It has three story; -> At the ground floor: two separate entrances, backdoor and front door with a big living room, dinner room and kitchen, all open space; -> At the semi-basement: one big relaxing room with pool, poker and blackjack table; -> At the first floor: one big hall with three rooms: at the first room is one big office and gym, at the second room it's the guest room with one bathroom, and at the third room is the big main bedroom with one bathroom and one balcony. ((MP price: 140.000$ and Furniture price: 146,256$)). I want to trade the house with one business, I can put more money for the business as well, I have a big sum of money I can bring along the house. You can contact me at [email protected]((Alex Borroni on forum)) or at my telephone on number 1109((in game)). Thank you.
  3. Hello, I would like to buy a house in Los Santos or Paleto Bay. Money is not a problem. Thank you!
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