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  1. spdb and saib gang Was a member of pretty much every LEO faction on the server from 2016 to 2019 excluding Aperture.
  2. In GTA:O the player switches back to the regular animation when the vehicle is going above a certain speed. The video attached actually shows a bug that lets you bypass that limit.
  3. Short description: Add the GTA:O MC update relaxed riding animation. Detailed description: In the GTA:O Bikers update, Rockstar added the ability to operate a bike in a more relaxed demeanor. This means that while riding around, the player would lean back a bit and lower his left hand onto his knee. Commands to add: /ridingsyle regular/relaxed. Items to add: N/A How would your suggestion improve the server? This is a quality of life suggestion, but I believe that it will give bikers the ability to properly portray their demeanor at different times (I.e. in a hurry -> regular. Cruising around -> relaxed). Additional information: An example of the animation can be seen in this video.
  4. Sync. When the server launched on GTMP the sync was bearable but not as good as it is now, and in 1.1 it will be even better than now.
  5. Most people are not aware of this, but GTAW used to have a hunting system back when the server was based on GT:MP. The system was removed during the switch to RageMP because of lack of support for NPCs on the new platform(if I remember correctly). I think that the hunting system can be a good addition if it can be brought back as it will add more roleplay opportunities to the northern side of the map. Not going to comment on the rest of the suggestion as I do not have any input on it. Here is the showcase video from the previous hunting script.
  6. No from me, the chat is fine as it is. Adding all of those boxes around messages and icons will just make it messy.
  7. I don't agree with this suggestion because as someone said before, LEO roleplayers don't get to choose the calls that they respond to, while criminal roleplayers, for example, get to choose the situations that their character gets into. IMO that behavior should be considered Robocop behavior for the sole fact that the officer showed no emotions to the fact that he just killed someone's mother right in front of him, gang member or not. If you feel like the cop deserves to be CKed for his actions, that you can make a Character Kill Request, as mentioned by another comment.
  8. Removing the script that protects LEO vehicles from being broken into will just open the door for abuse by a lot of people in this server. While a case-by-case request system might work, I don't see the reason for it. Everything here can be roleplayed and does not require script access to the car by the person committing the crime. The person can just request an admin to delete the evidence from the squad car's inventory after the fact or if there are none online, he can ask a member of the target faction to do it for him. FYI, patrol cars are not evidence lockers. Besides, to those saying that this should help reduce the number of cop cars being left everywhere with engines on, I don't think that this will change anything. Granted, I just came back to the server, but the only time a police car should be left like that is if the driver crashed and can't return to his patrol car or he got killed (not saying that there are no solutions to these problems, just pointing them out).
  9. Looking to buy an Imponte Dukes. Please e-mail me your offers and vehicle information or call me on 41206046. EDIT:: Can be locked, vehicle found and acquired.
  10. Vapid Sandking SWB Odometer: 27.4 miles Color: Matte Green Registration Status: Registered Insurance Expiration Date: 04-17-20 Information: The vehicle has no modifications and is stock. Dealership Price: 72,000$ Price: 52,000$ The price is negotiable.
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