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  1. You gotta also consider some owners end up with unexpected irl shit too, it's not like we all can just sit here and rp all day.
  2. We tried to run a diner with 3 people and it was not enough, and got busy stupid fast. So in my opinion three is not enough for this kind of rp especially when you need to work around timezones and real life commitments like families, children, work etc. Which can be a show stopper, actually especially if there are new born or young children involved in the rl commitments. There is always a hope that one would have the advantage of others interested to assist and work as its part of the community activity. Of course some real life commitments come out of the blue and are unexpected My argument is the fact diners as example rrquire more focus and more rp. It's not take an order and youre done, there's some discussion, communication. Think of any real life diner or restaurant. If there's one server and the place is busy ? It's not fun and stressful especially when rp takes more time then talking irl
  3. Yeah I'm just gonna add running a diner is much harder than a bar. Considering it focuses on the rp. People expect a fast food or bar service and get pissed when people are too busy with previous rp trying to portray a proper diner experience. It's not as simple as putting a blip down and done. Think of any restaurant you ever go to. Then put it in rp format. Yeah it's lengthy and shit. It's also not that business owners don't want to open it's that some places are NOT one man shows and require tons of employees. Now factor in timezones. If you have enough workers for a shift , will it even work if you all can't get on at the same time?? Real life comes first and the fact it's simply being boiled down to "people don't care" or "they don't want community" this is a down right lie. Everyone who gets a business have intentions to help with community activity. You need to consider the other issues or background troubles they may be having especially if it's a business that requires multiple people to run it
  4. One argument I have to place on a diner is I put up posters in cim format around town trying to hire people because it's not a two person job running a diner. Also irl stuff and time zones has contributed to the inability to make schedules work for everyone involved. It's the same with the bars, only one or two people seem to be willing to work these and even when you hire people some you never seen again so it demotivates owners to open these businesses as we do want to get locals and others involved. Just my two cents
  5. This would be nice if we had the space and locations to make other businesses. We are limited on what's available too. As for county rp, it doesn't help when there's people almost consistently being robbed out there. Makes it no fun. My friends character got robbed 3 times in a week in county.
  6. I got kicked out of the discord a long time ago because I was a sandy rper and I never once wrote shit that was toxic. I never bothered going back because that pissed me off.
  7. EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES The Luckyleaf is a brand new premier Irish Pub located in Mission Row. We are looking for dedicated and loyal members to add to our team and grow with us. Whether you have experience or not, all are welcome to apply. BARTENDERS Our bartenders are expected: To provide high-quality service to customers To mix and serve drinks To communicate with the server, and cook when necessary To greet customers upon arrival and in a timely manner To take orders, and assist the server when necessary. To process payments as necessary SERVERS Our servers are expected: To provide high-quality service to customers To take food and drink orders To understand the menu To bring the food from the kitchen, or drinks from the bar to the tables To communicate with the cook and bartender To process payments as necessary To be able to keep up with a fast-paced environment COOKS Our cooks are expected To prepare the orders given accurate and efficiently To follow the menu and communicate with the servers, and other staff To prep and clean their station accordingly To assist with the cleaning of tables, when necessary To communicate with management on supplies To be able to keep up with a fast-paced environment HOW TO APPLY & JOB APPLICATION To apply, submit the application to [email protected] & [email protected] ((dontblink & Targuth on forums))
  8. 0708 ALTA STREET - FLOOR 2 ROOM 1 1 Bedroom 1 Bathroom Studio Style Apartment Located in Downtown Vinewood, easy access to amenities MUST GO ASAP! Market Value: $110,000 Furniture Value: $42,989 BUYOUT: $220,000 STARTING BID: $100,000 BID INCREMENTS: $10,000 EXTERIOR PHOTO INTERIOR PHOTOS ((PINFO))
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