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  1. Sad it had to come to this, you were a great leader Arkan. An end of an era.
  2. Jonathan Medina , Known as Lucky., is the reason I live. he is the reason I exist. Being a Lucky fan isn't a hobby: It is a way of life. the one that puts a smile on my face. He is our master, our savior, the one who protects us from every bad Spirit. Lucky. is the reason I dropped out of high school to role play full time. He is my main inspiration and my main source of creativity. I shall name my first child after him. His role play isn't simply role play. It is a gift u wish for on Christmas, a gift greater than any amount of money, a present better than any birthday present. Lucky's role play gives me more pleasure than any sorts of sexual pleasure. I truly believe that Jonathan Medina is a superior human being. who needs women when u have Lucky's role play?? Cause bitches will leave u but Lucky's role play never will. I pledge allegiance to the SD , most importantly to Jonathan Medina , known as Lucky.
  3. hey bro can u please give me the discord link thanks
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