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  1. how yall likin wrath of the druids
  2. very very hot and sexy roleplay
  3. 167728933_198425648425475_895461813431655701_n.mp4
  4. yeye tbh the world that they built in Odyssey was hands down the best Ive ever seen in a video game England falls short compared to that but Odyssey got the too much for its own good treatment whereas Valhalla at least tried to make the most of the reduced map size
  5. i want to say that i like this faction very much because my best friend dwayne aka deadplaya is in here and also because red ragging for life nigas !
  6. i see child death's make sad no like when hurt peoples feelings make me sad dear
  7. damn they rly made darby quit huh
  8. dwayne man i been missin u like hell wish I could eat you and slurp you up like chicken curry
  9. such a big improvement after the shitshow odyssey was
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