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  1. Tammmmmmmmmmmmmmmm strikes again
  2. jonas_

    Irish Pride

    best irish faction out there, keep it up brothers 🍀
  3. no need to wait for the next project, still strong my boy ricardo menendez holding the fort
  4. criminal roleplay and no silencers? lol.. since when. +1
  5. 1000 Strawberry Avenye - Floor 2 - Room 3 - Textile City. Starting bid: $150,000 Buyout: $200,000 Located in Textile City, Chinatown. The apartment is very comfy and cozy equipped with modern furniture. Ideal place for a couple or just a single person. Nice view. Bank, clothing shop and various stores close to the area. Contact : 255-77-444.
  6. jonas_

    Armenian Power

    your welcome it was my pleasure
  7. a very good run as well my arson partner, congrats to my g @pogoyoand the others
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