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  1. How are you launching the game? Through steam, epic or rockstar launcher? If it's steam/epic try launching the game directly from the rockstar launcher. If that doesn't work, or you're already using the rockstar launcher try reinstalling the rockstar launcher. There's a bunch of youtube videos surrounding this issue so I've linked one below for you; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zWTS2lgKW6Q
  2. proper taxes, bills and shit. let us destroy other player's vehicles, permanently. also fuck ajails. Just slap people with a 12 hour ban/day ban at the minimum.
  3. coinflip to see if you're the dad or not
  4. hope this gets stickied at some point, very useful. You may want to split it up into two parts, one for the city and one for the county, for visiblity purposes.
  5. I was RPing a drug addict for a while and I gotta say, the system was pretty cool to play around with. Things I didn't like were some of the visuals (Like the weed one, I couldn't type /stopeffect fast enough) and the visuals I did like didn't last long enough. Withdrawl's a joke, honestly. You fall over, maybe, and take 15hp damage...So you just drink some soda and continue your day. I get it's supposed to reflect your character being weak, but the punishment to it is so easily overcomeable it leaves you wondering why it's even in the game. Make it -15hp to your max health until you take said drug again, that way there's some lasting effect.
  6. It may not be about world points, but it's very close. My main gripe with the donation system is business blips. If you want to run a biz, (And not one that comes with a blip, like a 24/7 or a hardware store) not only do you have to give up your own time and in game money, you also have to pay out OOCly to ensure that people come to your biz, otherwise nobody will have any idea that you're open. It's always baffled me...Businesses are there for roleplay, yet for people to know they're there and roleplay within them, the owner HAS to pay real money. I speak from experience too, I RPed in a gym for a little while that had no blip. We tried advertising and bringing people in off the street, but without the blip we got no one...Soon as one of the other employee's got plat' and used the blip on the gym? Would you believe it, people actually started showing up. Then the owner sold the gym because they couldn't afford platnium and moved on else where.
  7. Delivering the post LS needs.
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