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  1. Rowles

    Game not loading

    I can't find that main_logs.txt, not got a clue what's going on with this mate. I've restored my PC compeltely the other day and have got fuck all downloaded on it except for steam, rockstar game launcher and discord. How do I close the overlays?
  2. This exact same thing happens to me and nothing works to get it to open, it just opens by chance every now and then. What else can I do?
  3. Hello everyone. I'm trying to get in game and it works once every now and then, when I load up rage MP and double click the GTAWORLD server, it brings up a black screen as if the game is loading and then puts me back on my desktop The same happens if I do it through the rockstar launcher, every now and then it will work but is there any way to stop this from happening?
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