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  1. This faction has been closed by leadership, break-off and "split away" cliques are able to be formed under unofficial groups. Good run. L&A.
  2. 13 May 2022 — Illegal Faction Management What is Illegal Faction Management doing? Since July 2021, we have been looking at the "drug crisis" and offering other methods of enabling people outside of a supplier role to access lower grade narcotics in order to enhance roleplay. We have since opened schemes/requests for crack cocaine, mushrooms, methamphetamine, marijuana, prescription fraud schemes and, a few trials for other areas of narcotics to be produced. In July 2021, total monthly consumption for drugs was 9648. In April 2022, total monthly consumption for drugs was 23270. This is a 141% increase. It is safe to say we achieved the goal of bringing back the relevancy of drugs. In recent months, there has been a spike of abuse - for example the infamous "drug stacking", not to be confused with realistic polydrug concoctions. This drug system was also developed with few fingers in the pot from Illegal Faction Management. This system is currently being planned an overhaul with all changes, when the plan is finished a "rough timeline" can be released but for now the age old, "we're looking into it" is going to have to do. Development and Modding have been excessively supportive of changes to be released to the illegal community, as seen in recent change logs. @St3fan[NL] sweated over a new container system that will drastically improve the roleplay around drugs especially, but also other aspects of roleplay. He also added UI support for weaponry after suggestions from the illegal community with the new UI changes. @Vassilios has been working on QoL changes, directly liaising with community members through the Illegal FM Public Discord to push forwards much wanted changes, not to discredit his work he did previously for /helmet and MCs and his ongoing CCTV project. The graffiti script is also in the works again. @Strobe has been working directly with myself and @Oggy on overhauling the weapon script in terms of damages, recoil and modded weaponry. @Rothschild and @valelele has been all around superstars fixing bugs that are found as well as helping on the backend side of supplier changes. @Adv has also been working constantly to help with the release of UCP support for Illegal Faction Management and the community so that overall things can be streamlined, roleplay can be roleplay without extensive OOC bureaucracy. In regards to the "gun crisis", there has been a few calls of action from us prior to this overhaul that is planned. To begin, suppliers have been limited for some time on the amount of autos that can be requested - we have recently added an additional restriction to flood the market with lower grade weapons. In addition, the backend support for components to be released to supplier has been completed by @Strobe and @Oggy which means that we can begin to consider the deployment of these after discussions, further information regarding this will be released when final decisions have taken place. We are aware of the historical supply and demand issues within certain areas of roleplay. @Igloo has been at the forefront gathering data and statistics so that decisions made are not only of an individual viewpoint, but rather facts taken from the server so that our approach can be targeted with a measure to confirm that we are changing what we set out to. Our plan for the upcoming weeks/months is finalize the weapons overhaul, set the drug overhaul into motion, then overhaul the supplier system for both drug and guns. Snippets of the work we're doing is all posted and available publicly in our Illegal FM Public Discord.
  3. Heya, thank you for your suggestion. There are countless reasons for why this is not a viable option whatsoever however I'll cover the two main ones. Metagame - no one will be metagame free, it does not matter how good of a roleplayer you are, if you know someone is out to swipe your character and put you 6 feet under, things happen subconsciously as a result of that knowledge. Even if that is as simple as double-taking what would usually be a simple thought, you also have individuals around you that will sway one way or another depending on affiliations or their personal opinions. This is not just limited to the kill itself but how individuals got the information they did, was there informants? Bugs? How did they get bugs? Is it coordinated? Who is involved? All of this information would be public. This is not just limited to metagame from the individual at hand, but also any individual who reads it. Confidentiality - character kill applications are confidential, currently, in order to protect that confidentiality, ONLY members within Faction Management view the request, and it is sent to myself, slothy and Igloo first. If we know the character listed is in a faction belonging to someone in Faction Management, or someone in Faction Management, we forward it for PRIVATE review. This information is protected even within the staff team to ensure that the course of roleplay is kept as in-character as possible. This is not something I will ever consider changing as it will simply be a poor judgment call considering the facts above, and more.
  4. Unfortunately, this is a perk we give to factions only. This is not enforced by only the Rules of Engagement, but also Server Rules. You are not to have characters that interact with one another - by allowing any official group to use multiple characters, this opens up a massive uncontrolled circumvention whether they are jail characters or not. This benefit is reserved for factions only as it is a rule breach without administrative super-vision. Management banned the usage of jail characters for unofficial groups for this reason exactly. You may still roleplay a jail character, however it cannot be affiliated to the set you play on your main character. This is not due to change any time soon as every time we've allowed it - it has resulted in abuse.
  5. 05 May 2022 — Supplier Program All MINOR suppliers open; tobacco (exempt from faction maximum), melee, electronics and weapon specialist are all open for applications. Slight adjustments to supplier applications now requiring confirmation from faction leadership if an application has been submitted on their behalf. — Guns Weapon attachments will be coming soon to IFM distribution. — Schemes and Requests Methamphetamine (production) schemes have been reopened and applications are now be accepted for them again. Marijuana (growing) schemes have had the core amounts boosted up and the restrictions/criteria lowered. These are still "soft" limited to 1 per faction, however if someone utilized another individual to produce/cultivate the marijuana and have the scheme under them, this is fine. We are actively looking for more applicants to begin marijuana schemes to bring in 200-600 marijuana each week. You do not need supplier to supply drugs, you can make crack cocaine through requests using cocaine, you can make methamphetamine through a scheme, or you can grow mushrooms through a scheme, or apply for the marijuana scheme, or prescription fraud related means to get pills. Schemes are dynamic, there is no set "list" of what you can request, get creative and we will discuss with you. Heists are coordinated robberies/plans on a specific house, business, or set of individuals that can be backed by IFM support and resources. We are constantly trying to increase the amount of these to make the scene more diverse for what crime is being committed. — Faction Applications In the last 5 months, obtaining faction status has increased in both the time it may take, as well as expectations that are required before we make this jump. This was after an agreement across the team that this status should not be something that is given off of entitlement. We no longer look for reasons to deny, but rather reasons to accept. If there is little to no reason for a group to be moved to a faction status and the quality is not exceptional, or there has been recent administrative action, these will all weigh into why people may be informed to continue their development and reapply.
  6. Faction closed by leadership, break-away groups may resume operations under unofficial groups.
  7. People can make whatever they want if there is consent established in the distribution of it - advertising in-character content for sale establishes a consensual business relationship between the client and creator when they pay funds, they know what product they are going to receive. If you do not want to buy them, don't. It is that simple - sexual crimes are on the rise in Los Angeles, more and more individuals engaging in it. You are not forced to act as any form of consumer unless that is what you want to do. Defending it does not automatically label anyone a perverted fiend. Sexual crimes can open up a lot of roleplay, especially when it comes to blackmailing, manipulation, pimping or other forms of abuse that are prevalent within this dynamics. If you don't like it, you're not the targeted demographic - so ignore it and move on.
  8. Rafi can use /t and /s to bypass /autolow for the 5 minutes he survives inside before getting thrown out ++ Supporting
  9. Faction is closed per IFM new regulations - if this same group wishes to resume they will be required to start as a group and reestablish themselves.
  10. go with the winner (in peace) pat † † †

  11. FACTION PROPERTIES Information Illegal Faction Management (IFM) works along side Property Management (PM) in order to manage properties that have been requested for a faction's usage and further their purpose as illegal entities under the umbrella of the organization. This must benefit the faction as a whole rather than a single member, for example, individual apartments are not going to be going through the IFM process. When appropriate and requested by PM, IFM will provide insight to requests from illegal members of the community and provide our input and opinion on their property requests that do not come through IFM. This is to give an experienced point of view in terms of illegal enterprises and real estate. Examples: a trap house for a gang; a specific business for your faction; a faction clubhouse for an MC's chapter; a small grow farm; a chop shop; The chop shops are under strict rules, components will be set at 1 and they will NEVER be used to modify vehicles, they are there as chop shops and not mechanic garages. The 1 component allows them to function script-wise. Anyone caught abusing this will be punished and the chop shop may be revoked from the faction. a scheme related property; Requires an active scheme where said building is key for it to properly function, the scheme must have been on-going prior to a dedicated property being reviewed. Illegal Faction Management always promotes as big of a range for roleplay as we possibly can, however, this is a system we have set up with Property Management, and in some cases, they are much more equipped to handle some requests that come in and you may be referred to instead submit a property request. Warehouses should go through Property Management, however, you may be asked to also seek approval from IFM if this is a specific property requested due to illegal operations. This is something that Property Management will liaise with you directly about to ensure that the process is streamlined. Regulations Any faction that has been approved as an official faction (this means groups are ineligible for this procedure), can apply for a property. When a property is requested through IFM, it is through a lease which means that it cannot be sold on. In the event the owner of the property goes inactive or leave the faction, the property will be given to the OOC leadership of the faction. This is set in place to ensure that faction properties remain within the faction. Application Please submit this application under IFM - Reports & Requests with Title: [Faction] [Character] Property Request - [Type]
  12. CHARACTER KILL APPLICATIONS 1. INFORMATION 1.1 What is a Character Kill? A Character Kill (CK) is when someone's character is permanently killed, and they are unable to continue roleplaying on that character. A list of all different types of Character Kills can be found here. 1.2 When to file a Character Kill Application When a Player Kill (PK) is not sufficient, and several other avenues of escalation have been exhausted, a Character Kill Application can be filled out as a last resort. Examples of Escalation: Threats, defamation of their character/their business, physical violence towards the character or their loved ones, intimidation, vandalism, arson, torture, etc. When a situation has happened where another player has shown a severe lack of fear for their character's life. Example A: A group of three is holding another player at gunpoint in an alleyway. The player held up at gunpoint decides to take out his gun, attempts to shoot his way out, and dies, thinking they can just escape this situation by taking a Player Kill and getting out of the situation to continue their RP elsewhere. Example B: A player is surrounded by seven police officers and deputies. The player decides to do something unrealistic, e.g. reaching for something in their pocket with no regard for their character's life, and gets shot dead, thinking they can just escape this situation by taking a Player Kill and getting out of the situation or even a warrant to continue their RP elsewhere. As unofficial groups have less of a stake in Character Kill environments, official factions will always have higher survivability in situations where Character Kills are involved due to official factions having more of a presence, both politically and illegally. This means that it might be easier to get a Character Kill approved on members of unofficial groups. The fine print still applies. Example A: An unofficial group is opened, and said group tries to claim the block of an already established official faction in South Central. A few days later, the group is already out and about, tagging up this exact area, dissing the faction's set and causing issues with members of the faction. Some time passes, other ways of escalation have been exhausted, but the group still insists on claiming the area by all means necessary and brings unwanted attention to the area (police, enemies, etc.). What Faction Management would most likely deny: Example A: A player is robbing a victim. The victim manages to run away and call the police while running which results in police's arrival and the arrest of the robber. Submitting a Character Kill Application on the victim because you were sent to jail will be denied as this is a direct result of the robber's actions, and it's a common-sense response from the victim. Example B: A player joined a faction as an outsider with his best friend, becomes associated after a few weeks, and fully involves himself in the criminal faction to become a vital member. After a few months, his best friend is murdered by the faction leader for an unknown or known reason in front of him. He decides to get revenge. The Character Kill Application will be denied as killing the faction leader following the death of his best friend makes no sense for his development within this faction and the value of his life as a person. Attacking the criminal leader will most likely result in the character's death just days, if not minutes later. His friend being dead is also be a direct result of his involvement in the faction. Example C: A simple citizen decides to buy a handful of party drugs for a night out with their friends while in a club. The dealer takes the payment and disappears into the night without the exchange for pills. The Character Kill Application would be denied as a normal citizen would not resort to something as cruel as a murder, and something as minor as this would not even be enough to Player Kill another person. What Faction Management might accept: Example A: Two players start a criminal group together. After a few years, one decides to betray the other by snitching to the police about their activities. The Character Kill Application would be accepted on the snitch. Example B: An established gang member was scammed out of a large sum of money (e.g. $50,000) after a failed drug deal. The scammer then goes around to brag about the scam and continuously makes fun of the gang member for it. The Character Kill Application would be accepted as in gang culture scamming and dissing is not taken lightly, and the money lost most likely was crucial for the operations of the member and their gang. Example C: A player and their established group of criminal businessmen have attempted to extort a profitable business (e.g a club) in their direct area of operations for a small sum of money ($10,000 every two weeks). The attempts fail as the owner/manager of said business refuses to cooperate or come up with a solution other than disrespecting the player and his select group several times, even after the business was already broken into, employees threatened and/or harmed, and police informed without success. The Character Kill Application would be accepted as the owner/manager of the business had more than enough time to come up with a plan to get out of the extortion attempts or simply to pay up the small amount of "tax" in order for their successful business to continue operating safely. Example D: A player knowingly and actively roleplays having tattoos affiliated to a gang in which they are not a part of, or claims to be with that gang without actually having any affiliation to them. The Character Kill Application would be accepted due to the fact they are claiming to be with a gang that they are not. It's a complete disregard of fear roleplay. Example E: A player, within TTCF, unreasonably provokes members of their own race and others, sits at the wrong table and in general disrespects anyone they come in contact with. The Character Kill Application would be accepted due to the fact they have a complete lack of fear roleplay within a jail setting in which they have been warned to roleplay fear. Example F: A player within an unofficial group is pressing on your character, who is in an established faction, and provoking without regard for their life or acting without fear in general. This also includes an unofficial group claiming territory that does not belong to them. The Character Kill Application would be accepted as unofficial groups should not be attempting to act with the same or similar authority as a faction. 2. CHARACTER KILL APPLICATION PROCESS APPLICATION — The reporting party fills out the template and sends it to the individuals listed below. It is important that the application is filled out in detail, but kept short enough that information is not becoming redundant. All evidence provided must be unedited, otherwise, an application can be denied. Petty reasons and minor one-off situations will not result in a Character Kill granted. INTERNAL DISCUSSION — The application is forwarded for review to all of Faction Management. This is where all members discuss and investigate the reasoning and circumstances surrounding the victim(s) along with all evidence provided. If necessary, staff will reach out to the reporting party for clarification or additional evidence via forum message. CONCLUSION — The player who has sent in the Character Kill application via forum message will be informed about the outcome of the internal discussion. If the application is denied, the reporting party will be informed of the reasons. Once the application is approved, it is valid until the character is killed, no matter how much time passes. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION — The reported individual(s) will not be contacted throughout this whole process. Once an approved Character Kill is carried out, the victim, who will need to be informed of their approved Character Kill, or one of the players involved in the kill is required to /report in-game to have the Character Killed. The handling administrator will be able to confirm that the Character Kill is valid. Example: "/report Approved CK on John Doe carried out, need an admin to confirm." 3. CHARACTER KILL APPEALS Players are allowed to appeal their Character Kill here if the kill is a result of an approved Character Kill Application. The thread linked contains all information needed. 4. CHARACTER KILL APPLICATION FORMAT All Character Kill Applications are to be sent to @honey., @slothy, and @Igloo in a forum message. If a member of Faction Management (Legal and Illegal) is involved with the Character Kill, they will not have access to the application. If a player wishes to apply for a Character Kill on a member of Faction Management, or does not want a member of Faction Management to be able to see the application for other reasons, it can be forwarded to @Nervous, @Shanks and @honey. in a forum message. Forum Message Title: Character Kill Application - Your Characters Name | Targets Character Name Your Characters Name: Your Group/Faction Affiliation: Who will be performing the Character Kill if accepted: Targets Character Name: Targets Group/Faction Affiliation (if known): Details of circumstances and reasoning: Evidence (unedited only & required): Do you understand the fine print? (Y/N): FINE PRINT If the player carrying out ANY Character Kill dies during the attempt, they will face the Character Kill instead. This is non-negotiable unless a server rule was broken and this has been confirmed by an administrator. Failure to properly follow the Character Kill Application process will result in the termination of the Character Kill Application. This means that a player cannot be Player Killed for the same reasons as stated in the Character Kill Application while the application is still in review. Unrealistic actions and server rule breaks used to carry out the Character Kill will leave the Character Kill null and void. Players brought along to carry out a Character Kill must be informed about the fine print and their own possible Character Kill before a situation is initiated. IFM will offer 1 free Name Change to a victim of an approved Character Kill Application for their first Character Kill only. For this, the player will have to contact a member of Management (@Shanks) via forum message.
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