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  1. turning off nvidia overlay entirely reduced it for me, now I use OBS to manually record things— which still causes some lag and sometimes it's simply not worth recording. either way, the game runs terribly after eac
  2. realistic my ass, we got LTD workers driving 300k vehicles from the day 1 of the server's creation and I don't see it stopping anytime soon. ur average cop and criminal lives and dies without firing a single shot against another human being irl, here they do that every other day now the first thing, it's just stupid and I'd like to see less of it. the second, though? it would be super boring not to shoot. ok? I wanna shoot
  3. ten cops with their guns out rushing into a building, answering a random breakin alarm
  4. im about to drop in on local black viper society
  5. rest in peace

  6. while it doesn't entirely fix the issue, i tried the game with shadowplay off again and the performance was much better... with fewer stutters and almost no freezes, so must've been a gpu thing, probably not enough vram. used to be fine before anti-cheat, now I can't play and film ;(
  7. nothing helps, cursed 4ever. and yea, I think the performance has gone to shit especially after that anti-cheat.
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