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  1. Username: InckognitoNegro Comment: the fact this man put a half a gram in a swisher in 2021, is disconsolate.
  2. Gio Bout A Bag XII Regular / Lucky PLucker
  3. Gio Bout A Bag II Puttin Da Homie On / Blower Ona Market Gio Bout A Bag III
  4. Back End / By Any Means IV By Any Means V
  5. Bkaby4oe Signing Party IV Kynisha / Don't FWM Huh? AfterHours / Doin The Most For Da Net Doin The Most For Da Net II https://streamable.com/hr1tfh
  6. Bkaby4oe Signing Party / Can't Take it Witchu I A few minutes after this call, the duo arrived to Main street, where they saw resident Kynisha Ramsey idling in her car. The trio conversed for a while before being confronted by several rival gang members (Hoovers). A fight broke out, leading too one person being knocked down and cops dispatching to the area. Giovante was singled out by an unit, but as usual he fled. Politics / Snoover Drama Bkaby4oe Signing Party / Can't Take it Witchu II
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