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  1. Totally understand it, but why you can get PK'ed when someone shoot the only, for example hand instead of the head? For example someone shot you only in the hand so survival is more likely than being shot in the head Yea, it's memory kill thing. I know that, but usually, players get a PK and don't remember what happens, because it results from the regulations and this is obvious, but for example, if EMS saves the player, so the player remembers everything even though he got the bullet in the head
  2. I have looked at many PK related topics and my questions are as follows: Why characters lose their memories and get PK'ed, if they haven't even been hit in the head? What about players who were transported to the hospital, but they got hit in the head, why they should remember who shot them? Maybe we should change it, how do you think about it? Questions have arisen to investigate a range of issues including inaccuracies in terms of roleplay, especially related to the GTA game
  3. POLSKA BIALO CZERWONI! fire, keep it up
  4. can do such work literally for everything from posters to logos, gifs etc, possibly also for longer period of time, if needed; send your portfolio, and I will choose the best one - I have no problems with payment, so easy
  5. I would like to see non english section with polish thread ?
  6. What do you think about it; generally this suggestion born many years ago and not only from one person; https://forum.sa-mp.com/showthread.php?t=336547
  7. Yes, it's very good suggestion, but I agree with you could be grind stuff, but I can say that it's more immersive roleplay than passive like on lsrp or you you have everything right away - like with everything and like I said, everything have pros and cons, because roleplay is as acting some stuff, so this things it's not necessary, but the other side; it's very for immersive roleplay, you have to spend hours on it, develop, you have to make an effort for it etc I reallly like it, support
  8. I didn't want post suggestion topic about weapons system, because first, it needs to be thought out and how it will be look this all, because I thought about it, but really I don't know, so I would like to know your opinion how would you like to see realistic weapon systems to make this stuff harder, people will be afraid to use it or they can't use it, because beginner won't be shooting like master etc Except this, of course, but I really support this and can be add to this system too;
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