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  1. Property has been sold. ((Can be L&A))
  2. Still for sale. ((Still searching for a local people to get it))
  3. FOR SALE Park View Diner Located at Grapseed Asking price: $420,000 ((OOC)) ((That business will be sold ONLY if you are actively roleplaying in the local area. Please refrain from buying out if you are unrelated to Grapseed/Sandy Shores. Feel free to send a valid reasoning of why your character should own it through PM's))
  4. Offering $60,000 for the Mule.
  5. FOR SALE Vapid Speedo Express Stock 72 miles Insured Starting bid: $30,000 Buyout: $60,000 JoBuilt Phantom Stock 20 miles Starting bid: $40,000 Buyout: $80,000 ((OOC))
  6. Bid: $80,000. Contact number: 1-5-0-0.
  7. Here is a good suggestion than can improve the trucking script a bit also, I hope it catches your eyes.
  8. Offering the buyout. Contact me on 58736548 to finalize the deal.
  9. Bid Information: Name: Max Bid: $80,000 Contact Number: 1500
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