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  1. Unsure about this one, it's received a population boom from the past 3 months and continues to grow to this day. I'd say it's well and truly populated right now, not compared to the likes of some neighbourhoods down in the city but that's to be expected due to the lack of housing, however.. the community up in those areas are both flourishing and the factions that reside there. Back on topic, if this does somehow find it's way onto the live-server, it sure will do something great for both naval and aviation types of roleplay. Having to ferry passengers to and from the Islands, haven't experienced something like that during my many years of roleplay thus far.
  2. Couldn't agree more, took the same path. Two years later, still very good friends to this day. I think the main thing to remember that it's those OOC friendships and bonds what gives the true community feeling of what GTAW promotes. If you can't make friends gaming with good people, then you're either not letting it happen or something is seriously wrong.
  3. I've had absolutely no problems with Alamo Pawn. Just need to master the art of negotiation my friend.
  4. Fantastic work. An amazing mapper!
  5. It sure can be! However, not going to spam your thread too much with responses. You bring up an extremely valid point towards realism. I think with the economy we do have, influenced by the $5,000 pay checks, money is thrown around quite a bit.
  6. Lewwwy

    The O'Neill Mob

    An eventful TWO weeks.
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