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  1. This is a problem, the amount of cruisers that arrive in a scene needs to be drastically reduced. Two cruisers is a norm, three is alright. Four is pushing it, more than that for a traffic stop? You lagging the street and being unrealistic... It's not that frequent IRL
  2. You gotta admit that the amount of cruisers at a scene can be crazy sometimes, with more than four cruisers pulling up to a scene at times.
  3. Everything that happened, happened as a reaction IC. The protest started out peaceful and before the march could start the police formed a line, blocking further passage through Carson and declaring the assembly illegal. It all happened IC, and there was hardly any violence coming from the protesters. They went into the police department and demanded justice for the murder of Aidan Epps, to which the police demanded everyone go prone or be shot, and then the shooting began. By server rules we couldn't even do much, but shout because there is no violence allowed in government property. (Except
  4. From personal experience even after a 9 day wait for my case I still had to serve the two hours. It was a slap in the face for sure. Felt like nobody gave a crap about my game time lol. I know there's a lot of paperwork involved and figuring out what happened takes time due to scheduling, but the guys in the can can't do much else but sit, wait, be forced to do very limited rp, and hope they're found not guilty.
  5. For me I did no contest for a 2nd degree murder because I knew it was fight able, but did I really want to sit there and wait for a court case for an indefinite amount of time? Not really, but I didn't want points either. I think we should let people serve time while fighting a case.
  6. People do no contest because you get to do your jail time and decide whether it's worth a case or not. It's way more attractive than saying not guilty and waiting until the case is done (Which can take weeks.) When your charge is like... 2 hours, three days. Etc. And it's also better than pleading guilty and getting a point.
  7. I think making a discord bail system might bring positive results, but we need to make one, try it, and test it.
  8. I don't know nothing much about the court, but the current system does take too long. To get a bail set or denied within the day or two should be the primary focus for you guys tbh. It took my character Hernando around 9 days to get a response about bail for a drug possession charge that would of taken around 2 hours ingame to go through if plead guilty. It really killed my drive to roleplay that character ever since, because 9 days a lot of people move on, and you miss a lot of rp events aswell. Maybe doing court through discord, then posting the rp in the Forums after the outcome is done wou
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