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  1. I once was very close to CK one of my long running faction co-leaders, that was there since the beginning. Had most of the members know about it and we had to keep it as a secret both ICly and OOCly so the guy didn't suspect or MG it, it didn't actually happen as the character fleed before it happened but I think that's as close as I was to CKing an "OOC friend" haha
  2. bunch of cool ideas actually, thanks! 😄
  3. im actually working with the guy for some vocals!! 🙂 we'll still try it, why not
  4. yup that's what I've seen, just DJs and all but barely if any live music as in "instruments" being played. i thought it would be cool haha. also thanks for the tips! appreciated 😉
  5. wow this is awesome! basically what I had in mind but not skinheads and not so much of an aggressive sound haha thanks for the reference! i actually got started with recording and have 2 demos waiting for vocals, hopefully someone will chip in!
  6. Hey, we're a group of three friends looking for a singer who's serious and dedicated to join our punk band. (( needs to be able to do vocals oocly, doesnt need to be good, the main idea is to have fun! 🙂 )) You're required to rehearse a few times a week as well as being able give input into the creative process, both musically and lyric wise. We aim to record our first album as soon as we can and then have a small tour or a set of gigs on local bars. If you're interested or have any questions, please e-mail me. (( Forum DM / Reply / Discord @ St1ll3r__#4824 ))
  7. Hey, I came back recently and I don't know if it has ever happened or not in GTA:W, having a originals punk/rock band, I guess it would be a cool concept to have in the server and have something else besides original rap and DJs. I'm thinking of starting something related to that, if you're interested please let me know, I would need someone who could sing punk oocly and I could take care of the rest of the production. The idea is to create a whole band from scratch with the characters having some what of a related background story together (like going to school together or something). What do you guys think? Would it be good asset to have in the server? Would there be enough RP in the long term? Let me know! 🙂
  8. I guess it would add a lot to the server, I've rped with people who portrayed very good factions of said rp and it just added a whole new vibe in terms of server atmosphere in general, 👍 go and do it !
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