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  1. Username: BuschDrinker69 Comment: jajaja hynas or hyenas carnal
  2. Username: BuschDrinker69 Comment: wow..contenido increible muchas gracias por publicar esto, me ha alegrado el dia..
  3. I have to wonder at the level garbage some people will spew forth as they sit behind a keyboard. I am talking to my own brothers that secure the future of our trace and children. How are we to teach these little rugrats to have morals, discipline, honor, self respect, and all of those virtues if we ourselves act like heathens and speak in a manner that would make your grandmother get all bent out of shape. Our conduct is a reflection not only of us, but a reflection of our bloodline, our families. Our blood is borrowed and must be returned so live in a manner that shows you to be a proud roleplayer, that is smart, good looking with clblank and style. Manners are taught, and they show your true clblank, as it cannot be bought or faked, shall we talk a good game, or show up and win.
  4. dis menyoo showcase or rp thread
  5. awaWAGEEAWEAWWaweerewareewaewfwfqggdfgfDFGDFG
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