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  1. Fly high †.


    I'll miss you Patty, and I'll miss all of our conversations we both had regarding SD and SEB. I'll see you on the other side, brother.

  2. Username: trollp0lice Comment: not funny. didn't laugh. also ur 15 years old behind ur computer i shall call ur mom.
  3. Yet they'd be the firsts to post a CK appeal or make a cringe google document « all rights reserved. »
  4. @dawpi @Biscuit @JackieH I'm secretly married to the three of you but none of you can tell the others
  5. First batch of many.
  6. As a member of the LSSD, I see no problem with the SAPR acting as such. Even more when this is going on in their Park, which is their jurisdiction mind you. In addition, traffic stops are done regularly and are a very important part of any peace officer's job once an infraction has been noted. This allows them to investigate the reason for the presence of certain people, and to regularly investigate further to maintain the security of their park. If necessary, and this has already been done several times, the Park Rangers will request an additional unit from the Sheriff's Department or the Police Department. In both cases, I have no doubt that they will be ready to come to their traffic stop to assist.
  7. Username: 1wayout Comment: Finally an article worth reading, took around two weeks with all the others medias. Keep up with the good work.
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