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  1. ❤️ It really is fun! That's why me and my other elders decided to open up Pearly Gates! To give us elder rpr's a place to have events and things like that. And hopefully it will succeed and give people a reason to rp being older!
  2. It's yours unless someone outbids in 24 hours.
  3. Sure thing my number is 51800668
  4. -240 Spanish Ave- One Bedroom with walk in closet and on-suite One and a half bath Separate kitchen/dining Laundry room Fully furnished Also comes with Bobcat Security system, Three CCTV cameras watching the property. -Pictures- https://imgur.com/a/T7mEnKD -Price- Starting bid $280,000 (Bid increase $10,000) Buyout $380,000 {OOC Info}
  5. It fell through i will still bid at starting.
  6. If you can do $110,000 you can have it.
  7. Both of these cars are in really good condition and have low miles. The Guantlet has a full security and performance package. The Alamo Has a full performance package. Open to offers please leave them below. Guantlet- $120,000 Alamo- $40,000 Would also trade for an Oracle with either. {OOC INFO}
  8. Cream stx still available?
  9. Could you do $120,000 and the Grotti?
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