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  1. This thread will follow the character development of Trey Morales.
  2. Trey Morales Trey Morales, born on December 12th, 2001 in Caguas, Puerto Rico. Trey was born into a household of four, one being himself and the others being his brother and parents. His father, who was the breadwinner of the family, struggled to support them. The family of four were once denied by the Canadian embassy once already for not having enough qualifications and already having plenty of family members who were already Canadian Citizens. America was their next option, but this time they would take a far different approach. Trey’s father started going to the US on a farm work program, he went to the US three months at a time. After going to America on farm work three times in a row, Trey’s parents were able to obtain a visitors visa. They sold their house to make up for the expenses of the plane and flew to Los Santos with no intention of coming back. Throughout the early childhood of Trey, he was exposed to a handful of things that a child his age should never see. South Los was the easiest part of the city to afford so his parents decided to move there without knowing of the dangers and trouble they were going to face. Morales at the age of twelve was a pretty good kid more or less; good grades, stayed out of trouble, he was polite. His inspiration for making sure he had a bright future was females, he always had a soft spot for females and at times got carried away or getting manipulated. In the meantime, his father was working illegally as a factory worker and was making strikingly lower than he was promised. Sometimes his boss skipped some of his paychecks, knowing that there wasn’t anything he could do about it. After a couple months of barely passing each rent due date, he became tired of being underpaid and sometimes not being paid at all. Quick money was on his mind and he turned to the streets of South Los. His father was doing what he had to do to make sure their home’s rent was paid and his family were able to live as comfortably as possible. Trey at times heard his mother in her room crying without really knowing why or what was going on, all he really knew was that they were pretty poor. He would buy boxes of gummies and sell them to people at school as a childish solution, thinking that it would make a big impact on his mother. Though it made his mother happy that he was trying as well it still didn’t really make much of an impact on their financial situation, Trey’s money would go toward clothing when he needed it. When Trey was fifteen, his father was suspected of capital murder and underwent a year trial. He was finally convicted and sentenced to the death penalty. Reality hit Trey quite hardly, not only did he lose his role model but all the stress was dumped on his mother. Morales dropped out of high school in 11th grade because he knew that his mother wouldn’t be able to afford the college expenses. He ended up following some of the footsteps as his dad until he somewhat pulled himself back on track.
  3. This thread will follow the character development of Marcus Diaz
  4. Marcus Diaz, born December 15, 1999 in South Central, Los Santos. As a child, Marcus had a mother that was a drug addict and father that was extremely depressed. At the age of six his mother was arrested for possession of ecstasy. She was caught red handed by the police officer using the substance red-handedly on a backroad in her car. Marcus had no family members that were close to him as they all became distant after his mother had refused to give up narcotics after her family found out. As time went on, Diaz bounced from foster home to another which was most of his childhood. Marcus would often get abused and neglected by every set of foster parents he had, thus toughening him up from an early age. He finally had a plan, he was always told he was a gifted basketball player and decided to try to better his life by indulging himself in the school basketball team. At the time his Middle School was going on losing records, being 19-26. Marcus joined the tryouts the following year, making it as a leading Shooting Guard. The team’s record was boosted to 33-12, giving them a leading record throughout schools in that region. Diaz was named a miracle and looked up to even kids older than him. This didn’t last for as he got a career ending leg injury, which meant that he would have trouble playing spots and pushing his body for a long period of time. Now, with sports no longer being in the picture; Diaz was more focused on good grades in school because his once dream was crumbled in the palm of his hands. It took a while but Marcus slowly started to excel in school, actually being called the “smart kid” for once. There wasn’t much to his highschool life, being the normal student, and doing being more focused in school than he was in females. At the end of highschool, Marcus came to the decision that he would work as he tries to figure out what career he wanted to pursue. Marcus registered as a personal bodyguard as he considered all his choices.
  5. This thread will follow the character development of Anthony Maxwell
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