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  1. -Gettin' in business-
  2. -This thread follows the development of Kamale King and Ayren Lowe, two youngsters from Mirror Park-
  3. I'm interested, contact me 50275105
  4. Joseph Tailor was born in the small town of Fairhope, AL, In 1983, where the motto is "You've Arrived.". His father was born in the same place, and worked as a crop duster throughout the 60's. His father also had an affinity for motorcycles. He served in Vietnam towards the end of the war, and after he got back home he started up a small club with his buddies. "Decadent Rebels MC/MG". They would fish together, hunt together, ride together, and get into trouble together. Joseph's mother had passed away due to a car accident shortly after he was born. His father never re-married. Joseph was an only child, and lead a fairly normal life for the towns standards. His father owned a piece of property with an old house on it, which his grandfather had built. His father also was involved with the local Klavern of the KKK, but was not a full member as it was well known the MC often peddled light drugs like marijuana and cocaine into the town. Though the MC was always around and a part of his life, Joseph had never really gotten all that involved until he was 17. He was patched in instantly as he was the President's son, and he took in the rules and learned how to truly live free. The club branded themselves as being "1%". Though as time passed, most of the members were too old to ride. When he was 22, Joseph got hit with charges for selling and being in possession of a controlled substance. He got 2 years in county jail, and served his time clean. Officially speaking, illegal activity is against the clubs conduct. But unofficially, 4 members were involved in various schemes to make a little extra cash. Joseph kept doing what he had been and living free when he got out, and rode with the few younger sons of the original members who were also patched in. The club was well known around the town, and they were respected. When his father died in 2020, he had gotten permission to sell the family property and move to start a new chapter. Joseph decided to move to LS and start a new life, leaving the small town behind in search of open roads, and to continue building the club that he hoped would turn national.
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