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  1. $259,000 Available right now Contact Number: 02581493
  2. Looking for a property to stay outside of the city. (decided that I was going to change my rp around and try something new for once.) contact information: [email protected] (via forums) Phone number: 02581493
  3. $60,000 Darterrius Brewer
  4. Brizzyx2


    SELLING: Enus Paragon R. Pictures: (( https://imgur.com/WHMqRya )) ((ooc stats)) (( https://imgur.com/WRR8fBP )) Starting Bid: 300k Buyout: 400k Contact information: 02581493
  5. Brizzyx2

    SOLD [L&A]

    Offering buyout which is 255k
  6. Can you please provide the /pinfo?
  7. buyout, my character lives around the area. 02581493
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