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  1. This is pretty much hits the spot. Personally, I really dislike whenever someone crashes into you and then they hit you with "/b sorry, my bad" and drive off. And I know it sounds ridiculous and weird, but it happened on so many occasions. Some players don't load in and then a crash happens, others just appear out of nowhere. Out of all the crashes that I have been involved in, only one I chose not to roleplay. A guy crashed into me and drove off as it was nothing, evidently, not loading in for him. Asked for his perspective, he said nobody was in the road and putting your character in a bed f
  2. To kinda address the most recent comment, the one above. Not having hospitals as morgues would be extremely beneficial. Sandy Medical has a very nice interior, it is too small for Davis per se, but it could do the trick. At least a person wouldn't be laying in a room which has "Autopsy" or "Morgue" written all over it.
  3. Just wanna push this to some people who are here discussing this topic, earlier today and actual suggestion was written up for the change, find it down below. Just if anyone wants to share their thoughts and opinions there as well. 🙏
  4. Just to add onto this, probably not everyone is going to respond like they have responded to the discussion that pretty much covers the same issues as raised in this suggestion (ref. link below). There are a couple good points made throughout that discussion as well.
  5. I completely agree with you on this one. I really love to see some genuine advertisements being posted that interest me, but then there are a couple that are looking for escorts, dating or like the author even said, some big booty for their business - despise those. It should be either elevated and pushed into a different system, that would allow you to turn off those type of ads, or disallowed completely to be done in-game; could be advertised on the forums in the In-Character (IC) section. Haven't seen a single advertisement around my city that's looking for some porn stars and stuff.
  6. We can all agree to disagree, but it is coming home.
  7. dawpi


    The beards in the mask shop are available as they are (cannot be modified), the ones in the barber shop can be modified, but they're different, of course.
  8. Interesting discussion, but you can't. 😈
  9. It looks hella good, can't wait to actually play it. 🙏
  10. Probably it wasn't, but let's use our common sense here. Realistically, you would not see such information on the MDC and that's what we've been told. It doesn't make much sense why a simple name search would show up someone's marriage status. If it shows their potential addresses in their names, sure, it'd be appropriately updated and stuff, but who they're married to - no way. Since we got it, thought everyone did too, but I guess it wasn't the case then.
  11. Agreed, the author clearly explained the reasoning on why it should be done, it needs to be separated. I've seen myself and I assume that other factions (outside the one I am in) with the access to the MDC have been informed about it and told not to actually use it, since realistically the MDC wouldn't show such information.
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