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  1. Hello, I'm looking to part ways with my beloved convertible. 2006 Dinka RT3000 Multiple engine and transmission upgrades Aftermarket Coilover Suspension Factory Security ((OOC INFO)) $100,000 OR POSSIBLE TRADE Contact me via text: P# 99964022 OR Via email: [email protected] ((Discord bullrunlover#7116))
  2. Hello, I'm currently looking to part ways with my 3 vehicles. 2017 Dundreary Landstalker XL Converted into an overlanding vehicle. Fresh offroad tires. Tons of engine and transmission modifications. $70,000 2013 Vapid Sandking XL New offroad tires. High-tech security system. Aftermarket camper shell. $55,000 1957 Grotti Brioso Properly restored to like-new conditon. Period correct steelies. Fresh soft top. Retro-styled Radio. $18,000 If interested, please contact me via phone: Phone# 99964022 OR Via email: [email protected] ((Discord bullrunlover#7116)) Thank you!
  3. Currently accepting trades for these vehicles. Looking for vehicles of equal value.
  4. 2017 Vapid Scout: Tinted windows. Engine Tuning Re-mapped. Bulletproofed Transmission. Base model. Photos: ((OOC info)) $80,000 2013 Cheval Surge Factory Stock Base Model ((OOC info)) $30,000 ALSO accepting trades of equal value vehicles. You can reach me @ [email protected] ((Discord bullrunlover#7116)) OR at 99964022. All vehicles have been sold! Thank you!
  5. I apologize. I don't have near the amount of money required for a Raiden. Thank you.
  6. 2017 Benefactor Dubsta Sport Factory Security Factory OE Parts Visual Modifications Aftermarket, low profile wheels ((OOC INFO)) SOLD Contact me via cell @99964022 OR Via email @ [email protected] ((Forum PM OR Discord bullrunlover#7116))
  7. 2022 Bravado Buffalo STX Multiple visual modifications. "Bulletproofed" Transmission. Coilover Suspension "Smart" Security system w/ short range GPS tracker. 28 Miles. This is a very quick, and agile vehicle. SOLD ((OOC INFO)) Contact me via text, P#99964022 OR' via email @ [email protected] ((Discord bullrunlover#7116 OR forum PM))
  8. Hello, id like to offer the asked $15,000 for the Brioso. Please contact me when possible at [email protected] ((discord bullrunlover#7116))
  9. 2018 Ubermacht Cypher Coupe This car has the best Meinmacht performance accessories. It also has an intellegent security system that allows you to track your cars location, and will alert you if the vehicle's alarm sounds. SOLD ((OOC INFO)) 2013 Declasse Yosemite This Yosemite has been my daily driver for a good bit of time now. It's very reliable. It also has the same intelligent security system as the Cypher Coupe. It also has multiple performance upgrades using parts from Declasse's racing division. SOLD ((OOC INFO)) Thank you!
  10. Hello, I am interested in the Seminole Frontier. Please contact me as soon as possible at [email protected] ((Preferably through Discord: bullrunlover#7116)) Thank you!
  11. Hello, Thank you for the offer, but I will pass. This vehicle is worth every bit of the asking price due to the features that it has.
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