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  1. Username: ThatOneGuy Comment: @ClineMustResign Yes LSSD is very corrupt but I like to believe there are some good people too. We people of San Andreas are the ones who will bring them to the justice. I suggest everyone to record or live stream every interactions with LSSD because more we will have evidences against them, more we will have power to remove them from they positions. We all will defeat these white supremacists, Its just matter of time.
  2. Username: ThatOneGuy Comment: That's a great news, maybe some people will say It's only two murderers from hundreds of them but I believe It's still progress. If we as a community will stand together and support each other we with teamwork effort will achive alot. It's not just law enforcement agencies who keep us safe. But Its also all of us, the people who lives in this country. Thank you Sheriff's Department and District Attorney Office for keeping us safe.
  3. Username: ThatOneDude Comment: @Carlt0n Probabbly some neo nazi cops, who are scared of security company that will make society safer and gain more trust in G6. I wonder what they would say if someone would kill they family member and everyone would tell them Its good that they family member has been killed. They are pure sick in head. I think we should report this hate speeches to moderator of this website.
  4. Username: ThatOneGuy Comment: If this security murder everyone who brakes in my house, I want them. I want Sicarios to protect me, make me feel like Pablo Escobar.
  5. Username: ThatOneGuy Comment: Nice, now let's put every second politican in jail since they do human trafficking and cocaine trafficking on daily bases.
  6. Username: Queen Comment: Another One Bites The Dust
  7. Username: BubbleBut Comment: Fair point, let's get these facilities!!
  8. Username: BubbleBut Comment: As long nobody gets forced and have a free will and get paid, I am good with it. But that's why we need to legalize sex work.
  9. Username: BubbleButt Comment: I by myself working as a sex worker and I must admit It's indeed hard work. Worst part about this job is when you need to deal with religious people, they will insult you and hate you but same time will want your services, yeah I am talking here about insecure haters. Funniest part is that there is every second guy who offers you to work for them but can not afford to pay for it, ahahahah! I believe we need to legalize sex work and stop acting shy or insecure about it. Yes, It's time for you haters wipe that mommies milk of your lips and start to become adults. Welcome to reality.
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