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  1. No. Still for sale.
  2. No, thanks. Still for sale.
  3. Sorry. I'm looking for cash only.
  4. Selling this Enus Jubilee for 500,000$. It's got turbo, engine upgrades, brakes, transmission, subwoofer, anti-theft. If interested, send me a message on 2499 or contact me via my email: [email protected]
  5. You can have it for 360. Call me on 2499 when you are available. @misTake
  6. Selling this beautiful piece of art. I'm the first and single owner of it. Ever since I've bought it it's been kept in the garage and only out on weekends. The car is in pristine condition, it has the best performance package you can find. Moreover, the car has an unique plate which says 'ROMA'. Moreover, it also has locks, alarms and anti-theft. Only 85 miles. Asking price is $385,000. If interested, contact me on my email: [email protected] or via my phone number: 2499.
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