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  1. https://www.kyccla.org/services/environmental-services/graffiti-removal/#:~:text=We remove graffiti seven days,of graffiti. Korea Town/Little Seoul IRL People like graffiti. People don't like gangers writing on the walls their signs.
  2. Look who it is, the little boy is out of jail! How have you been? About time you join us. Listen, go around, get to know people. Oh, and welcome to Little Seoul, Big Mak. Tomorrow will bring better days, right?
  3. Its not like we live in the back waters of Albania or something like damn, living in a big city, about one out of every twenty women I see has dyed hair, its not too uncommon, and i can almost guarantee you that LA has more (since LA is big on hair dye) dyed hair really isnt a roleplay evil
  4. This would be great, but I would love for admins to more pro-actively respond to CK + Break-in requests before anything else gets sent to admin approval only.
  5. *A poster on the community board regarding Samil movement Samil Movement 삼일 운동 The early Nineteenth century saw an oppressive occupation of the Korean peninsula, by Colonialist Japanese. A hundred and two years ago, over 10% of the Korean population took part in a series of anti-occupation and pro-independence rallies spanning over two months, which resulted in 7,509 Korean Deaths, and 15,961 injured. This movement would be celebrated each March 1st since by both Koreas, rallying for political protets, and becoming a national holiday, called Samil Movement (March 1st Movement Day/삼일 운동). Join us, tomorrow, at 9PM, for the 101st anniversary of these historical Korean marches.
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