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  1. Noted. Mesa is still for sale at present.
  2. Caracara 4x4 sold, Caracara 2020 reserved for a buyer. If it doesn't sell tonight @Timzii I'll let you know.
  3. FOR SALE Caracara 4x4 - $100,000 (SOLD) Caracara 2020 - $105,000 (SOLD) Mesa Off-Road - $75,000 (SOLD) Granger - $70,000 (SOLD) Carbon RS - $57,000 (SOLD) All of the vehicles are immaculate with varying mileage. These vehicles are only for sale as I'll be leaving the state in a couple of weeks for a job abroad. Willing to negotiate on the prices above, open to realistic offers. The picture below shows 5 vehicles. ((OOC vehicle stats in spoiler))
  4. I'm interested. How many miles has it done? I'd be inclined to make an offer if there was more information on the post. ((Can you post a picture of the /vstats too please))
  5. Reserved for future use.
  6. Interested in this at the asking price. I would require the plate changed though.
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