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  1. Declasse Yosemite (New Gen) - Offers around $75,000. Cheval Picador - Offers around $22,000.
  2. For the longest time there's been a discord server relatively closed to those who aren't in the MC RP scene on GTAW. It was used as an area to discuss everything MC RP. We've decided to open the server up to those who are not currently involved in one of the Motorcycle Club factions or groups but are interested in learning more about Motorcycle Club RP and/or are interested in joining one of the current factions/groups. I invite all interested to drop in and say hi. https://discord.gg/JYQaF5psjg
  3. Username: joker Comment: DFFD we about to fuck with SA
  4. Back on LSRP, my group did this. We literally made a Fort Carson thread and roleplayed as a community made up of all of the factions and groups within the area. We allowed anyone to post on our thread but the main content providers were those who simply roleplayed as locals with there own story and history. I think @Hollywood Boulevard @Éireann & @Phased will agree that the period we held that faction was probably our most enjoyable period in our time roleplaying on GTA roleplay servers.
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