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    Our initial aim for this iteration of LOS DESALMADOS MC was to portray a small, but rapidly growing outlaw motorcycle club. Naturally, as time has progressed, LOS DESALMADOS MC has grown in both stature and reputation - from a lore perspective it would now be considered one of the more notable west coast clubs. As a fictional MC we have complete control of our past, present and future and although we respect, we do not necessarily hold ties to any of the ideals that you may find when reading up on MCs in the real world. When considering LDMC as your faction of choice, it is advised that you research the California biker scene, as characters of that aesthetic are more likely to fit within our profile. Our ideal is character first, faction secondary. We expect our members to develop their character alongside the faction as a means to build a full and enjoyable character. The faction is not the be all and end all, the day to day life of your character is equally as important as your time with the faction. We encourage new and existing members to actively roleplay away from the faction to enhance the roleplay you are able to bring to the group. Questions and queries with regards to the faction can be forwarded to @chief, @Welshie and/or @dxrkside, however recruitment will be handled strictly on an in-character basis. Before posting screenshots on this thread, please seek permission from faction leadership.
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    How’s the tan? 🤣🤣🤣
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