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  1. Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Username: edcollins12 Review: Perfection, quiet area and decent service! keep it up!
  2. Username: Skirt Comment: Dennis would never hit a woman, nor break her car's window. But even if he hypothetically did it, that's not a huge crime, to warrant to get his blood sample on such a terrible way, not to mention, to laugh about his watch, to literally tell him to commit a crime, to tell him that he deserves to cry because there's stories about him and worst, to not help a crying man, shaking in public, going through a panic attack after they let him go, after the judge decided the warrant to get dropped. These bad apples officers mispresent the PD indeed. All four officers should get fired. Scum.
  3. A modern apartment in Rub Street, La Puetra is now for sale. Apartment's too suitable and decent for couples, it first opens on a decently furnished hall where you approach the kitchen to the front and the sitting room to your left. Starting bid: $150,000 Buyout : $320 000 ((MP: $80, 000)) ((Furniture cost : https://ibb.co/G5hWN2y)) Gallery :
  4. Marcus Cavallera, Southside Records CEO, talks his label, future plans and its brightest achievements BY EDWARD COLLINS Los Santos, SA - At 5PM on the 26th of April, 2021 at La Mesa, Capital Blvd, Marcus Cavallera invited LSNN inside Southside Records and reveals certain facts, achievements and some future plans for the label. Cavellera proceeds to show us around his shining building located at La Mesa, which provides a peaceful environment and everything a studio needs. South Central Los Santos has for a long time has boasted extensive talent in the regional genre of hip hop which has evolved over time to span all over the globe. In Los Santos, a unique expressive form of hip hop was created which was renowned as being ‘West Coast’ hip hop. Southside Records was born out of that necessity to allow artists in Los Santos a platform to display their art form and skillset. The genre has typically been dominated by gang affiliated individuals utilising the platform to represent themselves and the gangs they belong to. However, the art form is also expressive in the form of real-life struggles faced within the community and the detriment faced by gang violence. In 2020, a producer from Los Santos by the name of Eric ‘Droopy’ Dominguez gathered the necessary funding to establish Southside Records boasting a modest recording studio. Initially, the record label aimed to establish a platform of hip-hop artists however due to innovation within the genre – it is also open to other forms of music not limited to rap & hip-hop. Inside Southside Records "We are a music label, that seeks and signs young talented music artists and promotes their work. We are occupied with music and video production." said Cavellera, introducing Southside records. "We gonna have appearance in Rockford Dome very soon, it's gonna be a big show there. Several artists will perform there. We've got up and coming artists everywhere. From El Burro, to Chamberlain hills, Vespucci, Vinewood" answered Southside Records CEO, we asked more about the label's future plans. Platinum records of Skitz 800 Yung Wood Ginge Dracco and Young Wayne- O Southside Records Studio It is clear that the label has a lot to produce and to impress people with, especially with their focus on young talent all over San Andreas. They promise their fans a year full of achievements and productivity.
  5. Belicose MMA General Manager Frank Palma: "Sala Bolo is unlike any fighter I have ever seen before." BY EDWARD COLLINS Los Santos, SA - On the 17th of April, at 5 pm, 2021, the LSNN team conducted an interview with Belicose MMA General Manager Frank Palma. This is the written version of the interview which was held on air, in the LSNN studio. Frank Palma and Edward Collins in the studio Edward Collins: Mister Palma, welcome to the studio. Frank Palma: Thanks Edward, thanks for having me on. It's a real honor. And you seen this view behind me huh? That's something. Edward Collins: Indeed, yeah. That's our beautiful Los Santos. Let's slide a little bit away from sports. Let me ask you, who is Frank Palma privately? Frank Palma: A lot of people think I was raised in New York, and I guess that ain't untrue. That said I am a Los Santos native, I was born in Alta. I spent my childhood here before I went to New York, that's where I met my beautiful wife Nikki, over there behind the cameras. But, we been back here for a while now. Edward Collins: Tell me, what are your hobbies? What do you do in your free time? Frank Palma: Free time? What's that? No, no, I got some hobbies. I got a weakness for a round of golf. And Storage Wars. I love that show. Edward Collins: If we wanted to link between your hobbies and MMA, what's MMA to you? Is it a source of cash only? Frank Palma: Right, yeah no of course. Well, it being a source of cash - as you put it. That's fairly recent. MMA as a sport is amazing. If you got a passion for it, it's a great thing. But as a business? Well it was hand to mouth for me and my wife for a long time. Things are looking up a little now with the following it's getting in the city. Edward Collins: Let's talk sports now. What made you stick to the MMA path? What makes you choose it ahead from any other types of sports. Passion, is it? Frank Palma: Well Edward I was a fighter. I lived it you know. Though in my day it was a little less regulated. We just called it cage fighting. I was never gonna be one of the greats, but after my knee got damaged, I fell into training, and there I really found my stride. Edward Collins: What about your fighters, do you believe in them? Are you satisfied with their productivity? Frank Palma: Hey Edward, you know, only half of all fighters win, you know? I can't expect fighters signed to me to bring back a victory every time. But as long as they keep their nose clean, train hard, live the sport - they're okay in my books. I'll make sure if they got the attitude, they get the opportunity. Edward Collins: Do you consider Sala Bolo one of your best fighters? Frank Palma: Sala Bolo is unlike any fighter I have ever seen before. Sometimes I'm in my office down at the gym right, I'm working late - I can hear skipping down in the gym. Who is it? Sala Bolo. I come in to open up at the crack of dawn - there he is, shadow boxing. He's forty-two, and what can I say, he's a spartan. Edward Collins: I'm amazed how you're not disappointed about his failure in front of Levan "Lion" Botkoveli at The Rockford Dome yesterday night. How do you explain his failure? Frank Palma: Edward, the man is forty two, he beat champions. He competes at the professional level still. You call that a failure? Edward Collins: Well, I just wanted to see your reaction! You must be so proud of your fighters, aren't you, Mister Palma? Frank Palma: I'm proud of Botkoveli too.That fight the other night, it was one for the history books. Anyone who was at The Rockford Dome to see it would know. Edward Collins: About Botkoveli, would you sign him, considering his victory at the Fight Night? Frank Palma: He holds the belt now. I got a lot of time for the guy. I like his ethic, but his brother Genadi is a great trainer and a great manager. And South Central gym, where them boys train out of, they breed some tough guys. Tougher than my gym? Than The Sweathouse? Listen I'm just happy to see other gyms in this city stepping up, joining the circuit. Edward Collins: Would we be able to see some joint events, organized by both gyms? Maybe another fight night, friendly matches, open training to the public and so on? Frank Palma: Well Edward, that's what Belicose MMA is. It's an organization bringing all the gyms in this city to the table. We've got the likes of Yogarishima, Legacy, South Central, Vespucci Sports and of course The Sweathouse at the table. I got my team out there, looking for new gyms, new fighters. To keep bringing these intense nights of entertainment to the public. You was there Edward, you was at The Dome. The people deserve more of that don't you think? Edward Collins: Are you doing all of this on your own, or someone is aiding you with the activities that are provided by The Sweathouse Gym? Frank Palma: The list is a long one Edward. But I am by no means a one man army. My wife Nikki there. She's a huge part. My younger brother Gio, he handles quite a lot too. But honestly, it's a big team behind it. A huge operation. The gyms, the trainers, security, betting, medical, ring girls, media... you name it. Maybe one day who knows, I can just sit back and it will all work without me. Edward Collins: What should sports fans expect in the future? Any other fight nights? Frank Palma: Absolutely. And you know this sport, it's big enough for this whole city. I encourage anyone looking to become an MMA professional. In the ring, or supporting in any other way to get down to your local gym. Throw yourself into it, encourage your gym to host some amateur and semi-pro events. Because me, or one of my team will be there, watching. And there is a belt that needs to be challenged. Edward Collins: Thank you for being our guest today, Mister Palma. Frank Palma: Thanks for having me on. > Comments are enabled Username: Comment:
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