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  1. Username: Skirt Comment: Dennis would never hit a woman, nor break her car's window. But even if he hypothetically did it, that's not a huge crime, to warrant to get his blood sample on such a terrible way, not to mention, to laugh about his watch, to literally tell him to commit a crime, to tell him that he deserves to cry because there's stories about him and worst, to not help a crying man, shaking in public, going through a panic attack after they let him go, after the judge decided the warrant to get dropped. These bad apples officers mispresent the PD indeed. All four officers shoul
  2. A modern apartment in Rub Street, La Puetra is now for sale. Apartment's too suitable and decent for couples, it first opens on a decently furnished hall where you approach the kitchen to the front and the sitting room to your left. Starting bid: $150,000 Buyout : $320 000 ((MP: $80, 000)) ((Furniture cost : https://ibb.co/G5hWN2y)) Gallery :
  3. Marcus Cavallera, Southside Records CEO, talks his label, future plans and its brightest achievements BY EDWARD COLLINS Los Santos, SA - At 5PM on the 26th of April, 2021 at La Mesa, Capital Blvd, Marcus Cavallera invited LSNN inside Southside Records and reveals certain facts, achievements and some future plans for the label. Cavellera proceeds to show us around his shining building located at La Mesa, which provides a peaceful environment and everything a studio needs. South Central Los Santos has for a long time has boasted extensive talent in th
  4. Belicose MMA General Manager Frank Palma: "Sala Bolo is unlike any fighter I have ever seen before." BY EDWARD COLLINS Los Santos, SA - On the 17th of April, at 5 pm, 2021, the LSNN team conducted an interview with Belicose MMA General Manager Frank Palma. This is the written version of the interview which was held on air, in the LSNN studio. Frank Palma and Edward Collins in the studio Edward Collins: Mister Palma, welcome to the studio. Frank Palma: Thanks Edward, thanks for having me
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