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  1. Providing you first-class web solutions and organisational tools About us We provide you responsive and modernly designed IT solutions to help you organise your business. Take a look at our services and message us for a quote! Our Services Below is a list of our products that can be tailored to your needs. More complex projects are possible if needed. Spreadsheet Development (Excel) ((or Google Sheets)) Web Development Contact us All inquiries regarding our products are to be sent to our email: [email protected] ((link leads to private messaging)) Our Portfolio Excel Dashboard for a vehicle dealership
  2. I don't understand how business accounts don't have the ability to give multiple people access yet
  3. My character is a client of Gruppe 6 and they forced me to use it. Invoices are sent there, but apart from that i never use it and won't be using it until more essential features are added. I've noticed that G6 sends a message to me on discord every time I have an unread email, implying that no one ever logs on to their account to check for messages. So currently it's more of a cool gimmick we can brag about to players of other RP servers but it's not helping us RP at all.
  4. I was playing on Eclipse Roleplay when I began to see that the roleplay quality is absolutely horrendous. Searched for other servers and found this the first time in 2019, played for a bit and left. Came back shortly in 2020 and began to play here fully in 2021.
  5. We should also have email read receipts as a feature, businesses that have to handle a lot of paperwork and invoicing will benefit from this a lot.
  6. Username: ItAintCheap Comment: I heard you guys charging absurd prices.. this song instantly came to mind.. "If you ain't got no money take your broke ass home.." 😁 Donation (if applicable): -
  7. This is so needed. No idea how the script was rolled out without this!!!!
  8. We succeeded in these cases as well: 01/2022 // Record Expungement - We successfully expunged various charges related to firearms from our client's record. 01/2022 // Document drafting - Client needed a surety bond agreement to use in their business. The final document was sent to the client the next day. 01/2022 // Document drafting - Client needed a residential lease agreement to use in renting their apartment. The final contract was sent to the client an hour later. 12/2021 // Document drafting - Client needed a release of liability written for their business. The final document was sent to the client 6 hours later. 12/2021 // Record Expungement - Client was charged with two misdemeanors nearly 6 months ago. Through us, they got their record wiped clean. 12/2021 // Private Mediation - Client was involved in a traffic collision where they were not at fault. The party at fault did not want to pay for the damages, injuries or lost income, but through private mediation the case was solved without court and the opposing side paid the client our demands. 11/2021 // Document drafting - Client needed a rental agreement to be drafted for his real estate business. The final product was sent to the client two hours later.
  9. ----------------------- Page archived ----------------------- This webpage has been archived by the administrator at 16:00 on January 28, 2022. Administrator's message: Edling Legal Defense has been dissolved. The team thanks all their clients for choosing Edling Legal Defense.
  10. Investment inquiries to [email protected] (( click the link to send a forum PM )). Include your full name, phone number, best time to schedule a meeting and how much you would like to invest! You can then meet with an employee of Skyrise to ask any questions you might have!
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