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  1. COntacted one admin via Forum DMs but i'm not sure where this would go, exactly.
  2. Would it be possible to request for a former partner's surname to be changed to what it was prior to the relationship? We never RP'd a wedding it was more or less an OOC decision. The person and I do not remotely get along on an OOC-basis any longer and I am curious if their name can be reverted from my main's surname. The marriage is annulled and it's entirely severed. I don't particularly want them parading around with my main's rather noticeable surname. Thanks.
  3. As-of right now, according to PM, it's not possible to get the properties back because "We have numerous ways to prevent this". Ugh.
  4. Hello, Unfortunately I am remarkably forum-illiterate, but I need assistance with something concerning property Management. I lost my properties after forgetting to /vacation and need to know how to go about having them returned so I can LOA/Vacation.
  5. Just let the kid RPers stick around, do whatever they want. Not like they get anything beyond warnings or wrist-slaps. An illegal RPer being CK'd doesn't mean anything. They get CK'd daily. Not like they'll progress ICly, just let them make the kid, do dumb shit, die. Circle of Davis Life.
  6. Do note- in the United States, Juvenile lockups are considered 'child' prisoners and subsequently 'executions of minors'.
  7. Actual children being given death penalty hasn't been since 1972, however juveniles held until adulthood are then subsequently executed in several states. Youngest being North Carolina, incarcerated at Age 16, executed at Age 29. And Virginia, incarcerated at 17, executed at 23. Generally they're still considered 'Juvenile Execution Sentences', as the inmate is incarcerated as a juvenile and held in death row until a judge clears them for execution. tbh death row could add neat character 'progression' stories or redemption arcs while behind bars. Imagine some thugrat being incarcerated in Juvie until 16, transferred to State Lockup until execution.
  8. A mixture of PTSD and just an outright hatred for people she deems 'Street/Alley Rats'. People like these kids who purposefully find trouble to lose an arm or leg to. Nonetheless, the special privileges the minor-characters get is what the issue continues to be. There's several states, including my own, who would give kids the death penalty for less than some have done on GTAW.
  9. The character is rather notorious for bull-headed PTSD-triggered instinctual responses to threats. After being hit by a bat all she saw was 'Hack the attack to ribbons'. It's why she doesn't have a PF. It's why she carries unconventional weaponry. And while plenty say it's not failRP, I have been reported for it. Just grumbling at them and walking off seems to just absolutely trigger gang rat RPers.
  10. The 'hacking' didn't even have anything to do with this thread. Nonetheless, it's either: be reported for 'FailRP' by walking off, or handle the 'kid'. He got hacked because he swung a bat. Simple. As someone said above, if a kid draws a gun like an adult, they get engaged like an adult. Especially by a character whose previous specific role was to engage targets such as this.
  11. Jokes aside, I honestly think underaged characters should only be DIRECTLY approved by admins. It's absolutely -creepy- to hide behind the minor excuse. Random thug rats show up at ULSA, cause trouble, vanish. Hordes of children gangers swarm some areas as-if they're an effective gang. Realistically speaking, until this is resolved it is best to outright -ignore- shitty Kid-RPers. You're not scary at all as a kid with a sharp object. There's some adults in LS right now that would punt you like a football. But yes, I do think 19 should be heavily revised. Nobody under 18 -at all- should engage in sexually explicit RP. Doesn't matter what state or country you're in where it's different.
  12. And this is why the ULSA professor has a diving machete.
  13. I have seen this happen IRL and it's gold. -kid talks shit -commence 2004 COD multiplayer lobby levels of 'shut up kid'
  14. Something not quoted from my thread as well: And as for this: That mentality has gotten me reported for ignoring approaches before. It's almost like we're -forced- to acknowledge a child is being a prick.
  15. I support, since i'm trying to include Lifeguards more in Maritime-RP with the diving/conservationist it'd be great to send out a CQD or Mayday in the event we have a thunderstorm. RP a stalled-out boat.
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