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  1. Interested in an Obscura Piece of your own? Skull Girl now offers an Obscura Sub-Series of commissions all for the commissioner! Available at The Sael Memory Museum in association with The Memory Foundation charity!
  2. The Gallery Viewings 2/28/23 The Interior Rotation The Monthly Transparency Packet
  3. The Memory Foundation in collaboration with The Sael Memory Museum welcomes all artists, designers, sculptors, creators and creatives from around Los Santos and Blaine County! Come one, come all! The Memory Foundation calls for artists from around San Andreas to submit their BEST pieces for the exposure it deserves! No longer shall the smaller artists struggle to simply be seen, or be charged their life savings just to display their art. The Sael Memory Museum & Memory Foundation wish to show the city your grandeur. To submit your art, email: The Memory Foundation at: [email protected] (PM via Forums here) with a clear picture and proof of creation. The top ten(10) best of the variants will be granted not only exposure in the venue's display gallery rotation, but also a prize of ten thousand ($10,000) dollars. Those who still wish to have their art exposed at a later time may speak with The Sael Memory Museum at no cost to them. This event is mere to draw out (pun intended) and expose the city's creatives! So, sorry established artists and firms, but this is a contest for the little guy! The grass roots artist! Submissions will begin being accepted starting February 20th and submissions will close March 6th. So grab your pencils, get your glue, wind-up those welders and corral those canvases! Come on come all! DISCLAIMER: We will be only accepting artistry in the form of Sculptures, Drawings, Paintings, 3D Submissions, Photography and clothing-based designs such as Jewelry and Clothing. This competition in no way enforces one's artistic skill and merely exists to offer exposure for all those submitting.
  4. Weekly Public Disclosure Post: 02/10/23 This packet is the 7-day public disclosure packet as promised and ensured by the Memory Foundation Transparency Promise. The Weekly Gallery Viewings Disclosure Packet
  5. Weekly Disclosure Packet: 01/29/23 This packet is the 7-day public disclosure packet as promised and ensured by the Memory Foundation Transparency Promise.
  6. Bit excited for this. Big-big. I can't wait to have a character with a job I am actually trained well in!
  7. If a system could be set up as well for non-LEO characters to be COs (Correctional Officers) and to 'ping' us similar to an admin who is in RP that'd be neat. Idk the technical-side of this all, but it's a neat idea. Hold events, have random inmates ping so they can summon a CO for RP. I'd hop between my character and my CO very fast. Also if you need help setting up the internals do lemme know, this is all quite exciting. Internals, meaning, structure, training regime, ranks and statuses. This'll be lots of fun.
  8. This seems like an interesting topic I could get involved in. As I'm a Corrections Paramedic/Security Officer myself. Although TDCJ is much different from County Jail and it would require differentiating between County Jail and State Penitentiaries. Rehabilitation Facilities and Internment Facilities as well as Transfer Facilities and Medical Facilities would need to be outlined. As well as defining GTAW's perception on Corrections Branches. Security, Administrative, Civilian, Inmate-based. Does GTAW's perception define Corrections entirely as State-based? Thus implying all Correctional Officers within Security would be Deputies with Non-Security or Non-Deputized Administrators? Also how would you classify civilian corrections faculty? Teachers, Counselors, Medical Assistants, Security-Threat-Group Organizers? Would they also require LEO status? Mind you-m this isn't criticism or skepticism. It's genuine interest. I have a lot of things I could ask. Or be asked.
  9. Welcome to a Garrison of Memoirs Los Santos' own space to maintain artistic encouragement and Prevention of Forgetting The Sael Memory Museum is an ongoing self-maintained project owned and managed by Maevin Oikos Sael, colloquially known by her alias: "Skull Girl". Come to the Memory Museum and find your Muse amongst the Obscura~. Find your inspiration in the new watering hole. Have Your Craft On Display! Ever wanted your drawings, miniatures, figurines, sculptures put on display without the need of applying for galleries, filling out questionnaires, or passing a 'quality' check? The Memory Museum offers a micro-exhibition forum for anyone willing to brave the wilds of critique and commentary! It costs you nothing, it requires only a creative mind and a proper respect for artistry as a whole. If you can take the words of others, then you can handle an exhibition like these! The best comment is no comment~! The best compliment is a gaze~! The state-of-the-art digital framework wired into the stone walls of the Museum allow for high-speed displays of people's art on never-before-seen TV canvas displays for digital art! No more need to worry about vandalism on your canvas or vinyl when it can be displayed via shatter-resistant television screens into the gallery floor for all to see! Clarification & Transparency / The Fairness Statement The Sael Foundation is a Non-Profit Solo-Run Charity Organization acting as the legal and marketing side of the Venue and all awareness events/campaigns as well as visuals and human resources for Skull Girl's artistry. The Sael Foundation's primary and only goal is to bring public awareness to Neurological Degenerative Disorders, as-classed by medical professionals: Any/All diseases, syndromes, deficiencies or intellectual difficulties stemming from the (either) acute (rapid) or slow-progressive degeneration of neurological factors. Dementia, Alzheimer's, epilepsy, learning disabilities, neuro-muscular disorders, autism, ADD, brain tumors, and cerebral palsy and much much more. Through transparency, the Sael foundation finds its primary income not through the marketing and exchange of goods, nor via store-fronts, but through generous donations from sentimentally-invested parties and events held via Cultural Grant Funding and other state-based art programs. The Memory Museum venue acts as the organization's Headquarters in downtown Rockford and Burton, offering a place of rest and relaxation or Muse and Inspiration for Los Santos' creatives. All funding is openly published and documented accordingly, to maintain an air of positivity and openness about functions and operations. Such can be gotten via the quickly growing numerous online and physical sites. Details for those interested in donating can be found below: About The Founder: Maevin Oikos Sael, aka: "Skull Girl", is a native Suomi from Otava, a small industrial city in Finland. Though her history is, at best, dubious due to her total lack of recollection from childhood, beyond specific unrelated memories, her upbringing mostly falls on her adoptive-mother in Los Santos, Alessa Winters. Maevin rapidly grew in artistic-awareness from her commissions online and appearances throughout San Andreas be it at other's venues, the Oasis Gallery, Croq-a-Hoop, or simply being found in her many downtown-based drawing zones or 'Cozy-Areas'. The Memory Museum originated from a continually rising anxiety of her inevitable degradation from her Neurological Disorder. The fear being one day she'd be unable to convey her thoughts and feelings via Drawing, Writing, or even Speaking. To bring her mind into a carnal form, the Sael memory Museum was born. In the owner's own words: "The Memory Museum is almost like my brain in building form". A place for artists and creatives, or even just come-and-goers to lounge, take-in artistic air, or find their muse, the Memory Museum is hoping to become Los Santos' ideal rest-stop for the every-changing and aggressively reality-morphing creative minds which haunt the streets, fearful of no outlet for their needs. Maevin found in one of her deep 'Space Outs' staring off in deep-thought ((Commenting Enabled and Heavily Filtered)) -Format- Username: Favorite Color: Comment:
  10. "From the Obscura Fog came the Baroness' savior. The unknown lady whose likeness shines through the existing Obscura. The Adopted Lady."
  11. Can it be anything but Expected? When you think of Los Santos and its oddities, what exactly comes to mind? The occasional gangers. The store-hopping rich. The Binco-Buyers. The silent Poker Stars. The rowdy riled-up lunk-heads of the city's NUMEROUS fighting rings and gyms. What if I told you about something different. Something, or in this case someone, that towed the line between near-Obscurity and Ideal visuals? Ideal is rude, moreso her own view on ideal. Radical Expressionism Name: Maevin Oikos Sael Alias: "Skull Girl", "Druid of Faces", "Chiliad Chinadoll" Nationality: Dual-Citizen (Finnish/American) Ethnicity: Fin-Slavic Caucasian Gender: Female Height: 5'1" (155cm) Weight: 110lbs (50kg) Current Tattoo Count: Four-Hundred & Nintety-Two (492) For the longest time, Maevin's dreamed of spreading her art around. Brutally. Terroristically. A violent outpour of her aesthetic to the point people see it all over. The only way for her to fight her Neurological-Condition is to make OTHERS never forget her. Even knowing she will, inevitably, forget herself.
  12. COntacted one admin via Forum DMs but i'm not sure where this would go, exactly.
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