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Niall Jones

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  1. Looking to get a Comet Retro. Please email me (( Forum PM )), or call #2699 if you have one for sale!
  2. 60k for a Benson.
  3. Sold privately. L/A please.
  4. FOR SALE - Dominator GTX Comes with: Re-mapped and tweaked engine Race-certified braking system Tweaked transmission timings Aftermarket turbocharger Industrial locking system GPS tracking device Starting bid: $210,000 Buyout: $280,000 Reasonable offers and trades are considered. Contact me on #45979677 - or email [email protected] ((Forum PM)) if un-reachable.
  5. L&A please. Not for sale anymore.
  6. FOR SALE! Dominator GTX Performance package installed Transmission tuned and matched Newly fitted racing brakes Aftermarket Turbo Anti-Theft tracking device Reinforced lock system Automatic alarm system Buyout: $300,000 Open to offers. Open to trades. Contact me via [email protected] (( Forum PM )) - Or via 45979677.
  7. I am looking to purchase a Rapid GT Convertible. Please call/SMS 45979677 if you have one for sale. Alternatively, please email if I'm unavailable. ((Forum PM)) Thank you!
  8. [Buying] Gallivanter Baller LE! Call/SMS #45979677 with offers ((Or PM if unavailable)).
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