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  1. Contact me on my email. [email protected] (( Forum PM ))
  2. Not open to trades. Buyout lowered.
  3. Noted. Buyout lowered, again.
  4. Are there CCTVS only inside the said server-owned stores? Or outside too?
  5. Still Available. Buyout lowered.
  6. Buyout is 110.000$. Stats
  7. Good day. I'm selling an apartment in Vespucci, located on Magellan Avenue. It hasn't been renovated but the furniture and all of the appliances are rather new. See pictures below. If you have any inquiries regarding the apartment, do not hesitate to contact me through e-mail. STARTING BID: 285.000$ BUYOUT: 350.000$ ALBUM (( /pinfo ))
  8. Rest in Peace. 

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