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  1. Gruppe 6 Officer-Involved Fatal Shooting - Mirror Park/Los Santos Gruppe 6 Corporate Security Main Headquarters, Los Santos, San Andreas On April 26th, 2022, Tuesday, at approximately 8:45 PM, during the course of a regular daily patrol check-ups in Mirror Park, Nikola Place, one Gruppe 6 Corporate Security officer was involved in a deadly shooting incident. On the date and time specified above, the officer was performing his regular security patrol check-up duty on a residential property, 1206 Nikola Place, when two young males jumped off the rear fences of the property and engaged in a shooting with the officer. Although the officer managed to shoot down one of the gunmen, he was fatally shot by the second one on the drive way of the residential property, where, unfortunately, he was pronounced dead on the scene later on. The gunmen, one with a white cap, white sweatshirt, green mouth scarf, black shorts; other one with a gray cap, black hoodie, black trousers, managed to flee the scene before the arrival of the law enforcement. The identification of the gunmen will not be released, under investigation by the Los Santos Police Department. The name of the officer deceased in the incident will not be released either, pending family notification. No further information concerning this investigation can be released by Gruppe 6 Corporate Security. All further media releases and updates will be provided by the Los Santos Police Department. Gruppe 6 Corporate Security shares the sorrow of their deceased officer's family and will be in direct communication with the Los Santos Police Department officials regarding the investigation. Gruppe 6 Corporate Security Public Relations Department
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