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  1. To get in touch with management, please email us at: [email protected] ((Forum PM @SparkMyte)) Or [email protected] ((Forum PM @Solar1x-)). ((Join the discord too! https://discord.gg/dvmv7Em2tR))
  2. Hello! I am just wondering where I’d put in a faction application for a legal faction. Thanks for reading and any responses!
  3. +1, I totally agree, possibly just a decal that says: SECURITY to put over shirts would be sufficient
  4. Thanks so much for your help!
  5. So how does one go about becoming a supplier?
  6. Hey! So, I am just wondering where we can get large firearms such as rifles, I mean, like would I obtain them through IC dealers, or how would I go about it?
  7. Hey! I am wondering if I am starting to create a business that already have liveries for vehicles in game, how would I go about getting these: EG the Dilettante with the merryweather livery, or the Stockade with the Gruppe6 livery? Thanks for reading and any help given!
  8. Hey! I was wondering how I'd go about creating a facebrowser page for a business, such as this one: https://face.gta.world/pages/bwlogistics?ref=qs
  9. SparkMyte

    PD discord

    Does the PD have a discord? If so, can I get an invite?
  10. SparkMyte


    Hello! When I do /suicide, it says I need a gun to kill myself, so I cannot hang myself or anything?
  11. SparkMyte


    Where can I submit a CK request for my own character?
  12. SparkMyte

    Law Factions

    Would it be possible for someone to create a faction, with permission from admins and such, that is like the FBI, or CIA?
  13. So, if it works in story mode, it works in RageMP, correct?
  14. If I install a soundpack to make guns sound more realistic, through OpenIV, will it work on RageMP/GTAW?
  15. Hello! I am planning on beginning a security business soon. I am wondering, is it possible to get the script for the business where you do like /start shift and every hour you get payed 4000?
  16. Got ya, and I have to have a property for a business?
  17. Wait, I mean, like some places that don’t have a garage but still have a place to store vehicles, how can I do that? Like a business garage kind of?
  18. No, I mean like a garage, like it isn’t a real garage, but it actually stores vehicles in
  19. Oh, and is it possible to just create a garage and add people to access it, if so, how?
  20. But how would I like make it, I don’t really understand how I would make it scriptly, that is all I need to do?
  21. Hey! So, when you do /stats, I wish to create a business, that goes there, how would I do so?
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