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  1. I started roleplaying as an italian mob member and it was absolutely awesome: I have to admit it, I had fun. Even if I think that we might improve illegal roleplay on several fronts. What am I talking about? Well, let's talk about drugs for example. Currently drugs run around the city and there is no problem but what exactly makes a person want to use drugs in a roleplay server? Simple interpretation of your character Advantages offered by the use of these drugs I have been playing on this server for a while and I have also learned a little about the drug system: there only are three illegal drugs that offer you benefits like the increase of max HPs and the increase of inventory capacity. Actually, I would increase the number of drugs and study the advantages offered in order to increase their use. What should be the benefits? Health point regeneration Maximum health points increase One drug might Increase punch damage (I think it would be a great addition for gang members and that would increase use) (Your target loses more health points for each punch) One drug might reduce punch damage (You lose less health points for each punch) One drug might reduce firearm damage (You lose less health points for each shot) One drug might increase firearm damage (Your target loses more health points for each shot) Let's say the description is superficial enough but something could be done to increase drug use and thus increase interaction between illegal factions.
  2. Yeah, Aim Assist should be illegal I guess. The positive thing however is that you can detect if a player has the aim assist (on) via script, so it wouldn't be hard to forbid it. Make it something like.. If you have Aim Assist on, it appears a message like: "SERVER: Disable your aim assist to log in." And when you turn your aim assist on (while you're In-Game) a message should be sent to online administrators: "AdmWrg: John Doe (47) just enabled his aim assist, type /recon 47 to check." ..Or just kick you. It would even be easier.
  3. " A cherry tree among flowers and a warrior among men " ( Sohichirou Nakamura — A new beginning #01 )
  4. SOHICHIROU NAKAMURA ( from Japanese — "ichi" one and "rou" son: first-born ) Storyline under construction...
  5. Actually I am working as Assistant Maitre in a pluristarred Italian restaurant and residence. I am even a student, in fact I am studying law in Rome (Università "La Sapienza" - one of the biggest universities in Europe) and during my spare time I produce rap/trap beats.
  6. Here's the link: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/459146290677415946/459147645144006656/ You have to download and put it into RageMP's folder.
  7. You should download the package and manually put it into the cache folder. I remember there was a link where to download it but actually I can't find it.
  8. I love Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege. You can add me: PC: MikeeJr PS4: Cohaerentia
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