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  1. Hi there, I have a 4X4 Caracara for sale. $100.000, factory and only 130 miles. Feel free to negotiate.
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    Buyout acknowledged. Will send contact details in a bit.
  3. Black Comet SR for sale. Performance upgrades with upgraded alarm system. Custom plate. Price adjusted for mileage. Starting bid: $190k Buyout: $230k (( ))
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    1) "(obviously depending on the severity, but I doubt they would pass the initial test if they had that much of a lack of English speaking skills in the first place)" Yeah, the problem is some players enlist the help of their friends to help complete the application and there is no way for helpers or admins to pick up on it during the application stage. I highly doubt it's possible for someone to enlist the help of their friends for long-term RP. 2) "Why scare off potential great players just because their English levels aren't that of a native English speaker?" You do realize that the current practice is to straight up ban players with bad English, right? This probation system was suggested to welcome players, not scare them off. Players will have a peace of mind knowing that they get to improve their English when playing on World without the fear of being banned. Imagine this - you're a player who's struggling with English, but somehow passed the application stage. You spend weeks, even months, to develop a character. One day, an admin picks up on your bad English and you're immediately banned for it. All those months of character development go right down the toilet. Would you want it to happen to you? I wouldn't. 3) "A lot of people play video games to get away from that kind of stress." Yeah, I do too. It's stressful for me when I can't understand an emote, when very specific detail is required. When I take time to try and understand what they're trying to emote, my stress gets increased when the player(s) goes "stop stalling". 4) "Throughout my years on SAMP, I've seen plenty of players improve their language speaking skills through roleplay, both in text and voice. It's actually crazy how much this format can improve a player's English speaking levels." Yeah, I'm one of them. I grew up in a household that spoke not a lick of English. However, I haven't been banned from any SAMP RP community and was even made admin on one, because I stuck to passive RP until my English got better. 5) "In conclusion, you aren't forced to stick to anyone with sub-par English levels. If you see someone struggling, send them a quick PM, giving them some helpful feedback (without being a dick, of course)." Please read one of my follow up posts. Not all players take feedback positively, even if you give them it in the nicest possible manner. Once again, I don't understand why people are straight up saying that this suggestion discriminates against players with poor English skills. I literally suggested this to give players a chance to learn and develop their English skills passively instead of having them banned right away and having their time wasted on developing a character.
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