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  1. One aspect of GTA World that was supposed to be pivotal was the aspect of transparency. If you do not highlight actual issues, when Red. leaves his position, how will the next generation of leadership know what not to do? This seems like as others described a hacksaw to a scalpel problem, and it raises the question what the intention was. I feel that the server, but in particular the faction of the LSSD deserve to know what brought the faction to this point. In particular the Command Staff who were taken by surprise by this whole thing.
  2. your kinda cool

  3. best of luck bonk, you'll do great things with it.
  4. Really enjoy your roleplay @Koko an amazingly developed character. Keep it up!
  5. You know? I think that this server would be better off with more emphasis on the LSSD roleplaying in TTCF. I think that restrictions to be implemented to make the LSSD's primary function detention work and the secondary as patrolling of unincorporated areas. It's sad to see so many people being "forced" to perform jail role-play. Those who are posting on this topic are the crème de la crème of LSSD role-players.
  6. I think that it is important to get opinions from subject matter experts on how the LASD operates and how they badge people. Obviously if the badging emote does not replicate how the LASD actually does it in real life it will take away from my immersion. Therefore, we need to consult community experts on the issue. EDIT: I cannot find a YouTube video of this badging technique so I must vote in opposition. However there is one of people playing Wild West music from a LASD helicopter so that's OK.
  7. This is great. Game Wardens have the broadest range of law enforcement powers. I hope to see you all in Davis.
  8. Hey man there's a YouTube video of it so it's valid. Bring it in for the realism. We once were told that playing songs out of the megaphone of an Air unit was deemed licit because there was a YouTube video of the LASD doing it. From that point on we must achieve 100% realism in everything we do.
  9. Page 5 has a caselaw analysis completed by yours truly. 🙂 🙂 🙂
  10. Anything to prevent another "Tennessee v. Garner" from being misinterpreted by literally everyone on a server for 15 years.
  11. However, a significant problem you will encounter @MickeyO is that most cops don't know case law. Most Internal Affairs cases are handled incorrectly due to favoritism. So I think your challenging of them to the understanding of the law is completely valid.
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