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  1. This thread follows the character development of Frontell "Fee" Davis.
  2. Wocky

    Believe In Me

    This thread will follow the life of Damari "BabyDee#2" Hendrix and his life from being the lowest ranked member, to the top of the charts member of the W/S Avenue Piru Gang; Damari is an 16 Year Old African American Male; from the Avenue Piru Gang, specifically from 104th Street, known territory for the 104th Street All-Stars, which he is affiliated with. When Damari was only 13, his father Darius "BabyDee" Hendrix died to a hit by the infamous "Ghetto Boyz" gang. After this, Damari was sent for his put on many months after, as he has been living around the area his whole life now, along with him fighting smaller individuals from other gangs, showing he is capable of defending himself. This wasn't a normal put on as the gang wouldn't have him face grown men at 13 years of age, instead they forced him on a hit. He was told to walk up, and shoot, yet when he caught the male, and had the chance to shoot, he folded. He couldn't pull the trigger, leaving him to be untrusted in the hood, he was always told his father had large shoes, and this overwhelmed him, throughout his story line, he began to make a name for himself, slowly.
  3. Story line hoard. I'mma follow dis.
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