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  1. Withdrawal of offer. Pending a discussion with work partner.
  2. STUNNING NEW ALAMO Low Mileage Bespoke Interior Vehicle Entertainment System + GPS Alloy Rims Tinted Windows New Turbocharged Engine $55,000 (Anything less = automatic no) Images: PRESS HERE Please Comment Your Name + Phone Number Price is non-negotiable
  3. JackD248


    Starting at $810,000
  4. JackD248


    Hi seeing this hasn't been sold yet, I can offer 270 immediately ready to buy.
  5. @ATFdogDisposal has won the auction at the BUYOUT cost. Details have been emailed over to complete the sale within the next twenty-four (24) hours. Thank you all for your interest
  6. (( After looking at the rules, again and speaking to property management you are exactly correct, I added it all them times three but it mp x3 + FP + script BUYOUT EDITED))
  7. Vespucci Lounge Starting bid will be $500,000 Increase bid is set at $5000 Buyout price is $524,846 Bidding ends 48 hours after the last bid was made unless buyout is offered. *Property is subject to be withdraw from the market at any given time without notice. Interior: PRESS HERE Luxurious recently renovated bar in the heart of Vespucci, the centre for atmosphere in Los Santos. The bar comes with all existing stocked supplies, including premium ales and other alcoholic drinks that is over $100,000 worth!
  8. Yeah, it is nuts. I was gonna do an IC lawsuit against them cus I also have an open FOI from last year however, maybe faction management is intervening with them and its caused a delay or something? Or they no longer roleplay a RP department? I am not sure what is happening.
  9. Your kind of right, kind of wrong. The PD PR doesn't even exist does it? https://prnt.sc/wmrhx1 I mean they reply to say they have the request and then never ever reply... There is stuff on here from the 4th October 2020 that hasnt had an answer. Seems like the PR is inactive rn, has been for a few months
  10. Also close all tabs your not using, and dont use recording software, Having 100 chrome tabs and then OBS recording can really kill
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