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  1. That fixed it for me, thanks a lot homie.
  2. I never knew this! Are we talking about the old /surgery script since you're mentioning numbers? If so I'll have to check!
  3. I've made a character not too long ago and tweaked its appearance to my liking. Been playing said character for a few months now and never knew I had this glitch until someone had mentioned it to me. Apparently my character's face morphs drastically at random occasions for other people, like his chin will be ridiculously big or wide and it forces me to /outfit back and forth until its gone for said person. It really annoys me cause this is one of those bugs that you've never heard of before meaning there's little to no information about it on the forums or internet. If anyone has had this issue before or has a fix, please do tell me. Yes I have double checked if I saved said character face to all outfit slots. I also randomized my characters face, bought it, then re-made my previous face to see if that fixed it and it didn't. Once again this is only on OTHER peoples screen, on my screen my character's face looks fine. P.S If this needs to be moved to bug reports go ahead, wasn't sure since I wanted to get this resolved and not just notify people.
  4. You've never heard of ''real thieves'' stealing jewelry? Thats crazy. Your point?
  5. Stop crying about IC issues, you dont want that ring snatched off your finger? Put it in your house, simple. And if said item is so valuable to you stop carrying it around every where you go, its that simple.
  6. https://www.gta5-mods.com/player/drako-s-old-cartiers A cartier / designer glasses pack would be nice
  7. Noted, if someone else offers buy-out before you it will go to them.
  8. For sale. Beautiful standalone house located at the Vespucci canals, comes with renovated garage with a built in studio, plenty of space for any future renovations. Starting bid: $850,000. Buyout: $1,000,000. bid increments: $25,000.
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