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  1. I personally enjoy that micro roleplays! You are totally right
  2. Great idea! I fully support it, and I'd love to become a mailmen, it's such a nice roleplay. It's as perfect as you described, I wouldn't add anything else.
  3. Can't wait to roleplay with you!
  4. Hello. Got a number? Would like to test it out. I'm interested.
  5. mk4GTI

    Extreme lagspikes

    It's not because of your specs or your computer... It's because RageMP and GTA World. There's nothing you can't do, just wait until 1.1, because it stutters a lot in some places...
  6. Just a question. Some of us experience a lot of lag when we drive through Mission Row or many other populated areas. Will 1.1 fix the graphic lag/stuttering?
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