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    hard using like three of them !
  2. Really funny, seems like you are the only admin, who understood areas of role-play and the difference between High-End and Low-End areas when it came to reports on the realistic side. Really appreciated you as I'm on my way to quitting this server. You were actually a wiser and open-minded admin, which is probably why you were removed.
  3. So I'm wondering like Karner just disappeared off the map, really enjoyed him as a staff member, actually understood areas of role-play.
  4. In my own opinion I feel as its plenty of groups that open, that show outstanding role-play from their 3rd page to their 25th page, and usually are suggested by Official factions to become official, I feel like that should actually mean something especially in the case their getting suggested by multiple Official Faction Leadership. Some Official Factions not going to say any names are opened and strictly doesn't hold the same amount of role-play and work others put into being Official hard work honestly doesn't pay off and just telling people their denied, doesn't help to make things better for any groups.
  5. I'm just a Shiesty Nickel Bar!
  6. * This thread will follow the life of Montay "Payso" Carr
  7. my babygirl spazzes on the storyline, you doing that bbg
  8. Literally the best, Piru faction and 1/2 of the best African American faction. We finna turn them up with this next one.
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